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To Greece

List of Illustrations

page viii

List of Illustrations

The photographs in the W. G. McClymont collection were taken during a visit to Greece in October–November 1945. Mr McClymont was then the Official Archivist, 2 NZEF

Mount Olympus, a post-war photograph W. G. McClymont collection
Following page 102
Trentham Camp, 1939 C. Boyer
First Echelon recruits at Hopu Hopu receive their web equipment Weekly News
Visitors' Day, Trentham, before the departure of the First Echelon in January 1940 C. Boyer
Second Echelon farewell parade at the Auckland Domain, April 1940 Weekly News
First Echelon troops on board the Dunera, Lyttelton, 5 January 1940 Green and Hahn
Railway Construction sappers board the Andes at Lyttelton, 1 May 1940 Green and Hahn
Submarine lookout, Mauretania NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
First Echelon and AIF convoy in the Indian Ocean, January 1940 R. D. Coats collection
General Freyberg welcomes the First Echelon at Port Tewfik, 12 February 1940
20 Battalion arrives at Maadi Camp, February 1940 G. L. Lawrence
Battalion lines, Maadi G. L. Lawrence
Second Echelon disembarks at Gourock Central Press
Mytchett Place, Headquarters of 2 NZEF in the United Kingdom C. W. Hawkins
Mr Churchill takes the salute from D Company of the Maori Battalion Gale and Polden
Loading spruce. New Zealand Forestry Group in the United Kingdom C. H. Chandler collection
Following page 202
General Freyberg at his desk, Maadi Camp
A 4 Field Regiment gun crew trains at Maadi on an 18-pounder British Official
19 Battalion at work on the anti-tank ditch at Wadi Naghamish, June 1940 D. W. Sinclair collection page ix
New Zealand trucks carry back Italian prisoners from the First Libyan Campaign, December 1940 J. T. Burrows collection
River-crossing training on the Nile, February 1941 R. L. McGaffin collection
The Marit Maersk arrives at Piraeus, Greece, 17 March 1941 V. C. Gordon
Athens welcomes the New Zealanders D. A. Hawkins
Hymettus Camp J. Forsyth
Athens from the Acropolis C. R. Ambury
21 Battalion men break their train journey north N. L. Macky collection
The motor transport convoy on the road between Elevtherokhorion and Dolikhe J. M. Twhigg collection
On the Aliakmon line: General Freyberg and his G1, Colonel K. L. Stewart J. C. White
GOC's conference J. C. White
General Sir Archibald Wavell—from a sketch by Peter McIntyre NZ Army
General Sir Henry Maitland Wilson British Official
General Sir John Dill, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, visits Maadi Camp NZ Army
Following page 302
Bishop Gerard conducts a service near Katerini, March 1941 D. M. Burns
Vevi. Looking north-west towards the Yugoslav border from a New Zealand machine-gun post B. W. Bayly collection
Blown bridge over the Aliakmon River J. F. Potter collection
New Zealand positions at Platamon castle under bombardment from a German magazine
The coastline north of Platamon from the castle E. K. S. Rowe
Looking west towards Pandeleimon from the castle R. B. McClymont
Preparing gun positions in the Olympus Pass J. C. White
Looking towards Katerini from the Maori Battalion positions in Olympus Pass—a post-war photograph W. G. McClymont collection
New Zealand engineers build a road in the Olympus Pass E. K. S. Rowe
Servia, looking towards the Aliakmon River—a post-war photograph W. G. McClymont collection
19 Battalion's first German prisoners, Servia NZ Army
Mist covers the withdrawal through the Servia Pass I. C. Macphail
New Zealand provost on point duty, Olympus Pass T. A. Goodall page x
The Pinios ferry—a post-war photograph W. G. McClymont collection
German tanks ford the Pinios River from a German magazine
Following page 400
German forces cross the Pinios River a page from a German magazine
German reconnaissance plane in the Molos area J. A. Carroll collection
Thermopylae J. L. McIndoe collection
Sunrise near Kriekouki J. C. White
Shelling disperses the enemy advanced guard at Kriekouki S. N. S. Crump
Brigadier Puttick's map of Attica showing 4 Brigade positions at Porto Rafti
Athens waves goodbye. A convoy passes through the city during the withdrawal N. Blackburn
Porto Rafti H. K. Kippenberger collection
Corinth Bridge
A Sunderland flying boat lies off the coast of Greece British Official
Commanders' conference near Monemvasia J. C. White
New Zealand troops arrive at Suda Bay, Crete
HMAS Nizam, carrying troops from Greece, arrives at Alexandria British Official
The Salween disembarks troops at Alexandria L. C. Smart collection