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18 Bn at Bardia, 22 November1941 2 New Zealand Division's route from Bardia to Wadi Matratin 5 Brigade positions around Bardia, November 1941 A bath at Bardia Bardia Bardia Harbour from Upper Bardia Bivouac near Bardia, November 1942 B Squadron tank at Bardia. Left to right: A. G. Scott, A. McMahon, R. Stokes, P. Fullerton-Smith. On right: The mosque at Sidi Rezegh Captured members of B Company at Bardia Indians unload petrol from a lighter at Bardia In the prisoner-of-war compound at Bardia Italian prisoners from Bardia Lorries on the skyline, south of Bardia Prisoner-of-war compound, Bardia, 2 January 1942 Removing the rims from a 3-ton lorry tire, Bardia Scene of fierce fighting outside Bardia. Probably taken near Fort Capuzzo on 27 or 28 November, with German dead to the left of the lorry The prisoner-of-war compound after Bardia fell, with New Zealanders just released from five weeks of captivity


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