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1 New Zealand Camp Dental Hospita, Maadi. Patients clean their teeth at the Oral Hygiene Bench before entering the surgery 1 NZ General Hospital parades before Brigadier K. MacCormick at Maadi 22 Battalion Pipe Band, Maadi, 1943 2 New Zealand Camp Dental Hospital, Maadi, before its building was completed 2 NZEF Memorial, Maadi A 4 Field Regiment gun crew trains at Maadi on an 18-pounder A 5th Field gun firing on manoeuvres near Maadi, August 1943. The shell can be seen emerging from the smoke A Company signal office, Maadi, 1940 Armoured training at Maadi—Gunnery class Arrival at Maadi, February 1940 Arrival in Egypt—marching in to Maadi Camp Back to Base at Maadi Battalion lines, Maadi Black and white photograph of an inspection Black and white photograph of army officers black and white photograph of army officers eating black and white photograph of cricket team black and white photograph of military officers black and white photograph of soldiers at Maadi Church service at El Djem Theatre, 1943 Maadi Church service—Rev. H. G. Taylor and the Divisional Cavalry Maadi Climbing Gebel Mokattam during a route march from Maadi Camp Company lines, Maadi Camp, September 1940 Demonstrating the ‘Inglis design’ gun emplacement, Maadi Camp Egyptian laundry, Maadi General Freyberg inspects the Regiment at Maadi, 4 March, 1942 High-platformed Austin 6-pounder portées of 34 Battery preparing to leave Maadi, September 1943 Inter-unit relay race, Maadi baths, 1940 In the Maadi baths Lt-Col C. J. Pierce (left)and Capt R. H. Bell (Adjutant) at Maadi, August 1940 Mess queue during the march from Maadi to Burg el Arab, September 1943 Mobile Surgical Unit equipment van, Maadi New Zealand Broadcasting Unit, Maadi. Troops queue up to broadcast messages to New Zealand, May 1942 Officers of 22 (Motor) Battalion, Maadi, June 1943 Padre Taylor (‘Harry Kaitaia’) conducts a church parade at Maadi, July 1943 Parade at Maadi Rev. J. W. McKenzie (Senior Chaplain) and Rt. Rev. G. V. Gerard at Maadi, June 1943 Rough going behind Maadi in March 1940 The Battalion transport ready to leave Maadi, September 1943 The end of a 2000-mile journey. Above: Passing through Maadi township; below: Arriving at Maadi Camp The Prime Minister inspects Bedfords at Maadi Third Echelon detraining at Maadi, September 1940 Wadi Tih, Maadi


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