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[untitled figure] 9 Infantry Brigade ready to go into action for the first time. Men of 27 Battalion wait in Kangaroos before crossing the Senio A cookhouse near the Senio Advance to the Senio, 19–20 December 1944 A machine gun in the rear of Palazzo Quarantino covers the Senio stopbank, January 1945 A mortar crew in action close to the Senio stopbank An overlay of aerial photographs taken of the Senio bridgehead nine days before the attack by New Zealanders and Gurkhas (see map on page 31) At a company HQ before the attack in the Senio battle B Company officers on reconnaissance at the Senio B Company troops move up towards the Senio with their assault bridge Black and white photograph of soldiers resting Bren carrier with wounded at RAP, Senio, APRIL 1945 C Squadron moving up to join 22 Battalion at the Senio D Company moving up to the Senio Faenza area, looking towards the Senio. Route 9 is in the foreground Flame-throwers strafe the Senio stopbank, 9 April 1945 From the Senio to the Adige, April 1945 From the Senio to the Adige. As 19 Regiment’s squadrons were attached at different times to different brigades, the route shown is approximate only From the Senio to the Gaiana, 9–17 April 1945 Headquarters of B Squadron and of Divisional Cavalry Battalion at the Senio and German prisoners Looking towards the Senio, just forward of Battalion Headquarters Meal time at a platoon house on the Senio Minesweeping on the Senio Moving into the line on the Senio RAP Carrier, near the Senio Sergeant-Major N. J. Stewart has a bath while in the gunline at the Senio Sherman gunline on the Senio. 2 Lt A. C. Cunningham, with pipe Signaller and stretcher-bearer at the Senio Sixth Brigade's Advance from the Senio, 9–29 April 1945 Spring on the Senio, 8 April 1945. From left: S. J. McLaughlan, T. O'Brien, D. W. Gray, G. Cumming, R. W. J. Ryder and S. V. Cullen Stopbanks on the Senio Taking up positions on 6 April 1945 for the initial attack on the Senio The 21 Battalion position was on the right of this stopbank on the Senio, and the enemy were on the left. (see page 412) The start line for the Senio assault


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