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Olympus Pass

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19 Army Troops building a road in the Olympus Pass 4 Company with 5 Brigade at Olympus Pass 4 Field Ambulance MDS on slopes below Olympus Pass, Dholikhi, April 1941 In the Olympus Pass. Divisional Headquarters at Dholikhi J. S. Clark of the 4th Field and the highest 25-pounder in Europe—Olympus Pass Looking north-east to Katerini from 28 Battalion position in Olympus Pass Looking towards Katerini from the Maori Battalion positions in Olympus Pass—a post-war photograph New Zealand engineers build a road in the Olympus Pass New Zealand provost on point duty, Olympus Pass New Zealand provost on point duty, Olympus Pass Olympus Pass Positions, 13-17 April 1941 Petras Sanatorium, below Olympus Pass Preparing gun positions in the Olympus Pass The 4th Field in the Olympus Pass View from A Company headquarters tent in the Olympus Pass. Lt Bruce Baxter is in the center View from the main road in 22 Battalion's sector—looking east from the exit of the gorge on the eastern side of Olympus Pass


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