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[untitled figure] 23 Battalion convoy halts in the Fabriano Gorge on the move from Trieste to Lake Trasimene A group of Divisional Cavalry Battalion officers at Trieste A Squadron on the road to Trieste. Maj C. F. S. Caldwell is sitting on the leading tank's hatch; Lt Denham is in the right-hand tank B Company baby show, Trieste Beyond the castle on the Miramare peninsula lies the city of Trieste C Company parades in Trieste, May 1945 During the occupation of Trieste: General Freyberg, General McCreery and Brigadier Gentry at Headquarters 9 Brigade Forli to Trieste Forli to Trieste: Line of advance and positions of Medical Units (wef: with effect from) From Budrio to Trieste, 21 April—2 May 1945 German prisoners pushing their vehicles near Trieste, May 1945 In the Castello San Giusto. Trieste Off duty in Trieste On the advance to Trieste On the waterfront at Trieste Padua to Trieste, April-June 1945 Passing through Padua on the way to Trieste Route march, Trieste, July 1945 Route of 2nd New Zealand Division: Pesaro to Trieste Tanks and Yugoslav infantry surround the Law Courts, Trieste The last day with the tanks near Trieste The New Zealand Division enters Trieste Trieste


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