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26 Battalion street, Faenza 5 ADS, used during the attack on Faenza, December 1944 A 17-pounder in front of Faenza covers the Via Emilia A 27 Mechanical Equipment Company angledozer clears a highway in the Faenza sector A billet in the regimental rest area at Faenza An Ark (a tank with ramps for bridging canals and ditches) on Route 9 between Forli and Faenza A New Zealand infantry post on the Via Emilia (Route 9) near Faenza A telephone in Faenza ruins Attack on Faenza: Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation A village priest brings in refugees from German-occupied areas near Faenza, December 1944 B Squadron gunline at Faenza, Christmas Day 1944 Carrying their gun into position near Faenza: H. Low, N. H. Jorgensen and J. L. Pearse of 1 Platoon Crossing the Lamone River into Faenza Crossing the Lamone River into Faenza C Squadron gun line at Faenza Empty 25-pounder cartridge cases at Faenza look a bit like a church organ Faenza area, looking towards the Senio. Route 9 is in the foreground Fascine-carrying tank, Faenza Fusing hand grenades, Faenza Germans from 90 Panzer Grenadier Division captured in the vicinity of Faenza In the mud north of Faenza J. D. McGregor of the 4th Field on a causeway of ammunition boxes at Faenza Maintenance, Faenza Mortar crews' billets near Faenza Mortar pit, Faenza Move to the Faenza front Moving into the line at Faenza Mud near Faenza, December 1944 Officers and sergeants serve Christmas dinner for a platoon near Faenza Panzer Grenadiers captured in the Faenza area Platoon casa, Faenza. The officer is Barron Grant Ready to move in the Faenza sector Resuscitation room at 4 MDS, Faenza, January 1945 Rimini to Faenza: Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation, September – December 1944 Road repairs in the forward area near Faenza Sweeping for mines in Faenza TAKING MEDICAL SUPPLIES ACROSS THE LAMONE RIVER, FAENZA Taking medical supplies across the Lamone River, Faenza, December 1944 Tests with tank-track extensions (‘grousers’) at Faenza THE RESUSCITATION DEPARTMENT AT 4 MDS, FAENZA The winter line beyond Faenza ‘Brewing up’, Faenza


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