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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy


The campaign culminating in the breakout at Alamein was the first time 2 NZEF medical units had the opportunity to operate as a complete ordered chain. In Greece and Crete the medical units were called upon to function mainly in retreat, and in Libya in 1941 the fluid state of the battle promoted disorganisation and led to the page 394 capture of the bulk of the field medical units. In the Alamein battles the CCS first functioned in battle as a complete unit, and the newly formed FTU was first used. In addition, farther back at Base, it was found that the New Zealand policy of getting 2 NZEF sick and wounded into New Zealand base hospitals was more generally known among other formations, and more help in this direction was received.

In connection with medical arrangements generally the ADMS 2 NZ Division paid frequent calls to 10 and 30 Corps and also to the ADsMS of 9 Australian Division, 1 SA Division, and 51 Highland Division, and was able to make the comment: ‘The mutual co-operation of all forces in this respect was most pleasing. The medical arrangements by Army, 10 and 30 Corps were excellent throughout, and the organisation of medical supplies etc., and provision of ambulance cars left nothing to be desired.’