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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume II


page vii


Preface v
Proposed Formation of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps 1
The Operations of the 2nd New Zealand Division in Greece and Crete 16
Reinforcement of 2nd NZEF, 1940–42 22
Formation of New Zealand Armoured Brigade 49
Libyan Campaign, 1941–42 70
Syria 98
The Battle for Egypt 110
Proposed Withdrawal of 2nd New Zealand Division (November—December 1942) 141
Campaign in Tripolitania and Tunisia 156
Proposed Withdrawal of 2nd New Zealand Division (April—May 1943) and Plans for Future Employment 182
Furlough Scheme 222
Despatch of 2nd New Zealand Division to Italy 263
Campaign in Italy, 1943–44 275
New Zealand Squadron, Long Range Desert Group, in the Dodecanese Operations 308
Maintenance of 2nd New Zealand Division; the Replacement Scheme 328
Attachment of Greek Brigade to 2nd New Zealand Division 396
Proposal to Use New Zealand Detachment for Garrison Duties in Greece 398
End of Campaign in Italy 401
Trieste 415
Return of Division to New Zealand 428
Appendix I: Appreciation of the Problem of the Withdrawal of One or Other of the 2nd or 3rd New Zealand Divisions 449
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