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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

Voyage of 4 Field Ambulance

Voyage of 4 Field Ambulance

The voyage, lasting from dawn on 12 March until the arrival at Piraeus in the early afternoon of the 15th, was uneventful, at page 66 least as far as enemy action was concerned. Rough weather, varying in severity but reaching full storm force and scattering the convoy when rounding the western end of Crete, caused much discomfort amongst the troops, many of whom had to be brought down from the upper decks and crowded below. Others were put into the after hold, which, with the vessel being constantly swept by high seas and barely maintaining steerage way, had to be battened down. The first glimpse of Greece, its snow-clad mountain ranges and steep green hills reminiscent of the New Zealand coastline, was a welcome sight after an unpleasant trip. Ashore, members of 4 Field Ambulance found their own vehicles and others waiting to take them to the pleasantly situated camp at Hymettus.