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26 Battalion

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

26 Battalion on the wharf at Lyttelton, 27 August 1940
Facing page
Recruits en route to the Burnham train, May 1940 Green and Hahn 50
Farewell march through Christchurch, 17 August 1940 Green and Hahn 50
Company lines, Maadi Camp, September 1940 26 Battalion collection 51
26 Battalion on one of its frequent route marches at Helwan — Lt-Col J. R. Page and Brigadier H. E. Barrowclough are leading New Zealand Army Official 51
Lunch on tent bales in Katerine — this group includes Capt F. W. Wilson (left) and Lt W. D. Westenra (right) 26 Battalion collection 66
Petras Sanatorium, below Olympus Pass A. S. Frame collection 66
Climbing up the Monastery track from the Aliakmon River to the Pass road E. J. Thomson collection 67
One of the many enforced stops in the train journey from Larissa to Kephissokhori 26 Battalion collection 67
Diving out of trucks on the road south of Corinth — the ‘spotter’ in the foreground gives warning of aircraft E. J. Thomson collectio 116
More air attacks on the way to Monemvasia E. J. Thomson collection 116
The evacuation from Greece — on the Thurland Castle between Crete and Alexandria I. O. Bird 117
Dugout at Baggush Bruce Guthrie 117 page xii
Flooded at Baggush, December 1941 A. S. Frame collection 132
Christmas parcels at the Battalion post office, Baggush Bruce Guthrie 132
Shells landing among transport at Sidi Rezegh Official 133
German tanks, armoured cars, and lorries close in on 6 Brigade on the morning of 1 December 1941 26 Battalion collection 133
The mosque at Sidi Rezegh J. M. Mitchell 148
Some of the Battalion survivors of the Libyan battles E. J. Thomson collection 148
Meal time at Baggush Bruce Guthrie 149
Training at Kabrit for combined operations 26 Battalion collection 149
The Battalion convoy on the road from Palmyra, Syria Bruce Guthrie 164
A burst pipe at the Qattara Box gave plenty of water for those with containers R. H. King 164
Flies L. K. Reenberg 165
Sandstorm Howarth 165
New Zealand positions bombed by Stukas — pre-Alamein period New Zealand Army Official (W. A. Whitlock) 214
The barrage at Alamein, 23 October 1942 H. K. Kippenberger collection 214
Wheel tracks in the desert at Alamein New Zealand Army Official (M. D. Elias) 215
Bogged down near Fuka — shaving from puddles N. G. Fagan collection 215
6 Brigade Group laagers for the night, Tripolitania N. G. Fagan collection 230 page xiii
Point 201, the feature in the centre, was taken by 25 and 26 Battalions as the first phase of the breakthrough at Tebaga Gap New Zealand Army Official (H. Paton) 230
Olive groves and spring flowers near Sfax, Tunisia 26 Battalion collection 231
Native food vendors followed troop trains A. S. Frame collection 231
The Battalion transport ready to leave Maadi, September 1943 New Zealand Army Official (G. R. Bull) 246
The move to Italy — the RAP packs up New Zealand Army Official (G. R. Bull) 246
The move to the Sangro — halting place near the Osento River Bruce Guthrie 247
The hills beyond the Sangro — the Battalion sector is on the left Bruce Guthrie 247
Italian farmhouses occupied by troops on the outskirts of Castelfrentano Bruce Guthrie 262
Orsogna from near Castelfrentano F. H. Williams 262
Clearing up the camp after a flood in the Volturno area Bruce Guthrie 263
Pasquale Road, used by the troops on 15 March at Cassino A. M. Miller 263
The first stick of bombs falling on Cassino, 15 March 1944 A. M. Miller 344
The nunnery from the centre of the town — a road lies under the rubble in the centre A. M. Miller 344
The nunnery from the east — this section of Route 6 crosses ‘Spandau Alley’ British Official 345
The Roundhouse and (right) the Hummocks, from the railway A. M. Miller 345
The thirteen A Company men who reached the Hummocks, 17 March J. R. Williams collection 360
26 Battalion graves at Cassino Bruce Guthrie 360 page xiv
Bivvies in Company lines on the banks of the Volturno A. M. Miller 361
Deviation on the road to Avezzano A. M. Miller 361
Manœuvres with tanks of 19 Armoured Regiment during the spell at Arce A. M. Miller 376
After the Arezzo action New Zealand Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 376
Cerbaia and the Battalion sector from across the Pesa River — New Zealand shells fall on German positions around San Michele New Zealand Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 377
Looking north from Gradara A. M. Miller 377
HQ truck in the mud near Rimini A. M. Miller 392
The outskirts of Gambettola — a platoon moves up to the line New Zealand Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 392
Draining the camp at Castelraimondo Bruce Guthrie 393
Testing a ‘Wasp’ flame-thrower near Forli A. M. Miller 393
The winter line beyond Faenza A. M. Miller 474
26 Battalion street, Faenza A. M. Miller 474
At a company HQ before the attack in the Senio battle New Zealand Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 475
Waiting to go into action, April 1945 New Zealand Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 475
The unit transport waiting to cross the Po A. M. Miller 490
Off duty in Trieste New Zealand Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 490
26 Battalion Commanders — J. R. Page, S. M. Satterthwaite (26 Battalion collection), J. N. Peart, D. J. Fountaine (H. K. Kippenberger collection), E. E. Richards, M. C. Fairbrother (New Zealand Army Official, G. R. Bull) 491