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Episodes & Studies Volume 2


page 33


Information on the Gorgopotamos and Asopos operations was drawn from Lt-Col Edmonds' manuscript With the Greek Guerrillas 1942-1944. Edmonds' generous action of placing his manuscript at the disposal of War History Branch is gratefully acknowledged. The reports of the late Lt-Col C. E. Barnes on his special service work in Greece were used for material on the Gorgopotamos operation. Acknowledgments are also made to Mrs. D. Morton and to C. Mutch, R. A. Hooper, D. G. MacNab, J. A. Redpath and K. Simcock for letters and personal interviews.

The following books were read for information on the Greek Resistance movement:

  • We Fell Among Greeks, Denys Hamson, Jonathan Cape, London, 1946

  • Apple of Discord, C. M. Woodhouse, Hutchinson, London, 1948

  • Report on Experience, John Mulgan, Oxford University Press, London, 1947

  • Eight Years Overseas, Field Marshal Lord Wilson of Libya, Hutchinson, London, 1948

  • Closing the Ring, Winston S. Churchill, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1951

  • Greek Resistance Army. S. Sarafis (Translated by M. Pascoe), Birch Books, London, 1951

  • The Greek Dilemma, W. H. McNeill, Lippincott, New York, 1947

  • The following articles in New Zealand magazines were consulted:

  • H. McD. Vincent, ‘Zed Boys for the Zero Hours’ in RSA Review, January 1952.

  • D. G. MacNab, ‘Salute to Colonel Bill’, Review, August 1952.

  • W. S. Jordan, ‘Fought Nazis and Reds for Freedom of Greeks’, Weekly News, Auckland, 9 July 1952.

  • A Grand Saboteur’, New Zealand Free Lanc, 15 January 1947.