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20 Battalion and Armoured Regiment


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‘Men, we are going forward tonight to take Belhamed and open the way to Tobruk. This is the crisis of the battle. We have 6000 yards to go (there were some gasps) and after 4000 yards we will have to fight our way. We will go straight in with bayonet and bomb and nothing will stop us. I know you will keep high the name of the 20th. And men, I wish you all Good Luck, every man of you.’

Lt-Col H. K. Kippenberger, speaking to the battalion before the attack on Belhamed, night 25–26 November 1941.

‘And from now on discipline is going to be tightened up, so there'll be no more “Groob”, “Baldy”, or “Grand-dad” out of you lot. It'll be “Sar'-Major” in future!'

‘Christ, that shows how serious it is!’ said the company runner.

—WO II H. L. Grooby, C Company, breaking the news of the evacuation of Greece to Company Headquarters, 22 April 1941.