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4th and 6th Reserve Mechanical Transport Companies

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

The Desert Road: Cairo to Alexandria C. J. Boland Frontispiece
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A guard at Papakura Camp, November 1939 G. H. Whyte 102
Souvenir postcard C. Lee collection 102
Training in the desert G. H. Whyte 102
Training convoy in Nile Delta O. C. Fones collection 102
Bayonet training for ‘Mahmid’ B. J. Crowley collection 102
Anniversary dinner at Fuka, October 1940 B. J. Crowley collection 102
Sandstorm near Bir Thalata Henry Muller collection 102
Trench and dugout near Mersa Matruh B. J. Crowley collection 102
The approach to Sidi Barrani B. J. Crowley collection 134
On the frontier E. N. White 134
An Italian gun at Tummar West B. J. Crowley collection 134
Fort Capuzzo B. J. Crowley collection 134
Signing for Christmas parcels Henry Muller collection 134
RMT graves at Sollum I. E. Stock collection 134
Land mine, Tobruk Henry Muller collection 134
Laager area near Derna Henry Muller collection 134 page xii
Waiting to descend the Sollum escarpment Henry Muller collection 168
Entering Piraeus, Greece E. L. Tinker collection 168
Arriving in Athens E. L. Tinker collection 168
On the main road to Albania J. Pool collection 168
Transport from the Pindus Mountains J. Pool collection 168
Bombing in Nikaia E. L. Tinker collection 168
RMT men evacuated from Greece to Crete 168
Mess parade near Galatas 200
Troops returning from Galatas towards Canea W. N. Carson collection 200
Lt W. N. Carson, 4 Field Regiment, who commanded a patrol of 4 RMT, Galatas 200
Bamboo shelter, Crete 200
Bursting bombs, November 1941 J. M. Boland 200
Sidi Rezegh battlefield C. J. Boland 200
Entry to Tobruk, I December 1941 C. J. Boland 200
Bombed ruins, Tobruk R. M. Jaspers 200
The move west C. J. Boland 200
Climbing the Gazala escarpment C. J. Boland 200
Sgt T. W. Gill's escape party 200
Halt for lunch in the Sinai Desert J. H. Rich 200
On the road from Damascus to Beirut D. F. Coleman 200 page xiii
The break-out at Minqar Qaim
—from a painting by Peter McIntyre 200
Petrol truck on fire, Deir ez Zor, Syria F. L. Williams 200
In a slit trench under shellfire, Alamein F. L. Williams 200
Cookhouse at Burg el Arab C. J. Boland 232
Parade at Alamein for General Montgomery C. J. Boland 232
Watching the Alamein barrage by moonlight C. J. Boland 232
Muddy going and a rainbow, south-west of Fuka C. J. Boland 232
Bogged south of Daba G. E. Reed 232
Over the top of Halfaya Pass R. M. Jaspers 232
On the left hook south of El Agheila R. M. Jaspers 232
Marble Arch R. M. Jaspers 232
Olive trees at Kairouan A. E. Trenwith 232
1 NZ Mule Pack Company in Tunisia NZ Army Official (M. D. Elias) 232
Crossing the Sangro D. F. Coleman 232
Convoy carrying mules snowbound at Capracotta D. F. Coleman 232
Agnone, on the move from the Sangro A. E. Trenwith 264
Company HQ at Piedimonte d'Alife D. F. Coleman 264
With men of 28 Battalion in Forli NZ Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 264