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27 (Machine Gun) Battalion

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

Minqar Qaim, 27 June 1942 New Zealand Army (H. Paton)
Following page 132
In the beer garden, Burnham Military Camp Green and Hahn
Loading ammunition belts at Cave, South Canterbury S. A. Bremford
Training on the Sobieski M. Tuohey collection
Demonstrating the ‘Inglis design’ gun emplacement, Maadi Camp R. L. McGaffin collection
Climbing Gebel Mokattam during a route march C. C. Johansen collection
Packing up after manoeuvres W. R. Norman
2 Company at the Citadel, Cairo C. C. Johansen collection
A mineral bath at Helwan A. W. White collection
Christmas at Baggush, 1940 R. L. McGaffin collection
Italian prisoners from Sidi Barrani H. S. Wells collection
Near Vevi in northern Greece W. G. McClymont collection
One of 3 Company's guns near Elasson A. H. Dickinson
The road from the Yugoslav frontier to Kleidi Pass
Greeks retreating from the Albanian front T. A. Laurence collection
The airborne invasion of Crete Dr K. Bringmann
German paratroopers and machine-gunners near Galatas German source
One of 4 Company's guns after helping to beat off a dawn attack at Menastir, Cyrenaica F. R. Keane collection
On the escarpment at Menastir Australian Official (G. Silk)
At Capuzzo R. E. Riddell collection
At the edge of the Sidi Rezegh airfield L. Lister collection page xii
Following page 132
Sidi Rezegh mosque W. G. Judd
In the prisoner-of-war compound at Bardia H. Anderson
On the way to Syria C. W. J. Lawrie
The Bekaa Valley R. L. Kay
A sangar in the Alamein Line W. L. Hill
Inside the sangar W. L. Hill
One of 10 Platoon's guns near Point 100, 4 September 1942 J. A. Forsyth
Defence against the Alamein fly D. P. McGovern
General Montgomery, accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel J. K. Robbie, inspecting the battalion before the Battle of Alamein British Official
Near 8 Platoon's gunline on Miteiriya Ridge A. D. Watkin
Christmas at Nofilia, 1942 R. E. Riddell collection
Examining a captured spandau New Zealand Army (H. Paton)
Following page 294
German tanks knocked out near 3 Platoon at Medenine R. L. McGaffin collection
During the halt at Sousse H. S. Wells collection
2 Platoon in front of Takrouna D. P. McGovern
One of 2 Company's guns knocked out near Takrouna I. S. Moore collection
The confluence of the Sangro and Aventino rivers I. S. Moore collection
Packing supplies for 3 Platoon on the Orsogna front D. P. McGovern
One of 8 Platoon's guns facing Orsogna H. W. Judd collection
On Sfasciata Ridge G. G. Beckingham
Montecassino and the snow-capped Monte Cairo F. H. Williams
12 Platoon pauses on the Pasquale Road about a mile from Cassino W. E. MacLean collectionpage xiii
Following page 294
In a mountain sector New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye)
A mule team about to pack rations and ammunition for the platoons New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye)
The San Michele school and the church in which 4 Platoon supported D Company 24 Battalion J. S. Freeborn collection
In the hills south of Florence A. Gladstone collection
10 Platoon packing up to leave Bellaria, on the Adriatic coast R. T. Little
Digging a gunpit near the Fiumicino River R. T. Little
Pioraco village R. T. Little
Ceremony at the Pioraco cenotaph on the Italian day of remembrance, 4 November 1944 R. T. Little
Behind 10 Platoon's gunline across the Lamone River before 5 Brigade's attack, December 1944 R. T. Little
Digging in near Celle after 5 Brigade's attack R. T. Little
Carrying a gun into position near Faenza J. L. Knowles collection
Training as infantry at Esanatoglia N. O. Steel collection
Waiting in Kangaroos before crossing the Senio River R. T. Little
Searching a German prisoner near Sesto Imolese after crossing the Sillaro River New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye)
Two Panther tanks put out of action by J. L. Tucker, 16 April 1945 R. W. Burton collection
Panther tank ditched after being attacked R. W. Burton collection
Captured nebelwerfers R. W. Burton collection
3 Company crossing the River Po R. W. Burton collection
In the Castello San Giusto, Trieste New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye) page xiv
Following page 294
A march through Yamaguchi, Japan 27 Battalion War Diary
Lt-Col L. M. Inglis Official
Lt-Col F. J. Gwilliam G. V. Turnbull
Lt-Col R. L. McGaffin R. L. McGaffin collection
Lt-Col D. G. Steele D. G. Steele collection
Lt-Col J. L. MacDuff W. A. Whitlock collection
Lt-Col G. P. Sanders New Zealand Army (G. F. Kaye)