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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

NZANS at 7 General Hospital

NZANS at 7 General Hospital

On their arrival at 7 General Hospital the New Zealand sisters immediately volunteered for duty and were posted to the nursing staff. The Matron of 1 General Hospital (Miss Mackay) was asked to take charge of all the nurses, including British and Australian sisters who had also arrived from Greece. When ADMS NZ Division visited the hospital on 26 April he ascertained that the Officer Commanding wished to retain the services of the New Zealand sisters as his own nursing sisters had not arrived from Egypt. Colonel Kenrick informed him that the New Zealand sisters must proceed to Egypt at the first available opportunity, but that they would work at the hospital in the meantime.

Miss Mackay had taken up the duties of Matron of 7 General Hospital and organised the nursing staff from all the available nurses with outstanding success. The hospital was then receiving 300 to 400 patients daily. With her cheerfulness, tact, and coolness at the most difficult times, the matron set a standard which could page 154 not fail to be an inspiration to all who were associated with her. All the nurses, including those who had been injured in the truck accident in Greece, frequently had to take shelter in crops and under olive trees during air raids, but not one of them offered a complaint. In fact, it was difficult to persuade anyone to admit an injury. Excellent work was also done by Sister Jackson1 in charge of the operating theatre. The surgical wards and theatres were staffed entirely by New Zealand nurses, and the officer in charge of the surgical division stated that he had never been so well served by any other theatre staff either in civilian practice or in the Army.

1 Matron Miss M. E. Jackson, RRC; born Auckland, 11 Jan 1900; sister, Auckland Hospital; sister 1 Gen Hosp May 1940–Apr 1942; charge sister 3 Gen Hosp Apr 1942–Nov 1943; Matron 3 Gen Hosp Nov 1943–Jul 1945.