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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

Light Section 1 NZ CCS disperses for the night on the way to Tripoli A. Aikenhead
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GOC and DMS 2 NZEF, Maadi Camp, March 1943 M. D. Elias
Colonel F. M. Spencer M. D. Elias
Brigadier G. W. Gower G. R. Bull
Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. R. Plimmer
4 NZ Field Ambulance at Baggush, September 1940 F. P. Furkert
Camp Hospital and Medical Depot, Maadi Camp, March 1942 NZ Army Official
Visit of Her Majesty the Queen to 1 NZ General Hospital, Pinewood, England, September 1940 R. S. Brown
Ward of 1 NZ General Hospital, Pinewood, England R. D. King
1 NZ General Hospital at Pharsala, Greece, April 1941 N. M. Gleeson
4 Field Ambulance MDS, Dholikhi, April 1941 P. V. Graves
5 Field Ambulance ADS, Servia Pass, April 1941 I. C. Macphail
6 Field Ambulance, Velestinon, April 1941, after being strafed by enemy aircraft R. H. Blanchard
7 British General Hospital near Canea, Crete, May 1941
Wounded German paratroops at 5 Field Ambulance dressing station, Crete, May 1941
Helwan Hospital A. Aikenhead
Helmieh Hospital, Cairo, January 1941 NZ Army Official
Netherlands Hospital Ship Oranje
A ward in the New Zealand Hospital Ship Maunganui F. A. Marriott
Inspection of NZ Mobile Surgical Unit, Maadi Camp, August 1941 NZ Army Official
Members of NZANS, Maadi Camp, September 1941, with the ADDS NZ Army Official
21 Battalion RAP truck, Libya, 1941 G. H. Levien
20 Battalion RAP, Bir el Chleta, 1941
4 ADS near Belhamed, November 1941 D. McLean
2 NZ General Hospital, Garawla, November 1941–March 1942 L. V. Stewartpage xii
1 NZ CCS at Zahle, Syria, March–April 1942 A. Aikenhead
Ward of 3 NZ General Hospital, Beirut, September 1942 M. D. Elias
6 ADS, Ruweisat Ridge, July 1942 J. L. Nicholas
4 MDS, Alamein Line, July 1942 R. D. King
21 Battalion RAP, Alamein Line, August 1942 G. H. Levien
4 MDS at El Mreir, July 1942 N. M. Gleeson
4 MDS at Alam Halfa, September 1942 R. D. King
6 ADS, Alam Halfa, September 1942 A. H. Thomas
Large soft-tissue wound, 1 NZ CCS, Alamein, November 1942 A. Aikenhead
Mobile shower unit, 4 NZ Field Hygiene Section, Agedabia, December 1942 R. Brown
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2 NZ FTU with 4 MDS–left hook, Mareth, March 1943 D. T. Stewart
Inspection of 2 NZ Division, Tripoli, February 1943
Air ambulance aircraft, Tunisia, April 1943 H. Paton
A group in Tunisia M. D. Elias
5 ADS, Takrouna, Tunisia, April 1943 K. G. Killoh
28 Battalion RAP at Takrouna, 20 April 1943 C. N. D'Arcy
Takrouna–showing the route down which wounded were carried from the Pinnacle C. N. D'Arcy
5 ADS near Atessa, Italy, November 1943 K. G. Killoh
5 ADS at the Sangro, November 1943 G. H. Levien
4 MDS at Atessa J. K. Elliott
4 MDS, Atessa, November 1943 A. W. Douglas
21 Battalion RAP, later 5 ADS, November 1943 K. G. Killoh
Stretcher jeep, Sangro, December 1943 K. G. Killoh
Looking towards Orsogna from Castelfrentano, January 1944
6 MDS, Castelfrentano, January 1944 A. Ashley-Jones
2 NZ General Hospital, Caserta, February 1944 G. R. Bull
American Field Service ambulance near Cassino, March 1944 K. G. Killoh
5 ADS, Cassino, March 1944 G. H. Levien
RAP at Cassino, March 1944 C. N. D'Arcy
Inferno Track, Cassino, March 1944 R. D. King
5 ADS, Sant' Elia, Cassino, April 1944 G. H. Levien
6 MDS, Pozzilli, April 1944 S. de Bonnaire
Malaria School, Volturno Valley, April 1944 M. D. Eliaspage xiii
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1 NZ General Hospital, Senigallia, January 1945 A. W. Douglas
1 NZ Convalescent Depot, San Spirito, May 1944 G. R. Bull
6 MDS, Tavarnelle, Florence, August 1944 A. Ashley-Jones
5 ADS near Faenza, December 1944 G. F. Kaye
Taking medical supplies across the Lamone River, Faenza, December 1944 G. F. Kaye
Stretcher jeeps of 1 NZ MAC at ADS, Gambettola, January 1945
3 NZ General Hospital, Bari