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Divisional Cavalry

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

At the foot of Halfaya Pass, 11 November 1942 C. E. Grainger
Following page 150
Breaking camp at Ngaruawahia, 4 January 1940 R. J. Loughnan collection
Leaving the Auckland Domain after the farewell parade, 3 January 1940
First Echelon convoy in the Indian Ocean R. J. Loughnan collection
Arrival in Egypt—marching in to Maadi Camp R. J. Loughnan collection
Lt-Col C. J. Pierce and Capt R. H. Bell (Adjutant) at Maadi, August 1940 R. J. Loughnan collection
Colonel Pierce's driver (Sgt A. T. Caley) sets his sun compass NZ Army
Arriving to take part in the Anzac Day service during manoeuvres at El Saff, April 1940 NZ Army
Training with Mark II light tanks, Wadi Digla, 1940 NZ Army
At Helwan Camp, January 1941 R. J. Loughnan collection
The train journey north through Greece S. Morrin
Marmon-Herrington armoured car in Greece British official
The Aliakmon bridge after its destruction J. F. Potter collection
German dive-bomber shot down by the Divisional Cavalry during the withdrawal in Greece NZ Army
‘The morning we landed in Crete A. G. Scott collection
German parachutists land near Galatas NZ Army page xii
These soldiers rowed an 18 ft open boat 150 miles from Greece towards Crete until taken in tow by a Greek scow W. J. Ryan
C Squadron crew with a recaptured Stuart tank R. J. Loughnan collection
B Squadron tank at Bardia A. G. Scott collection
The mosque at Sidi Rezegh J. M. Mitchell
Prisoner-of-war compound, Bardia, 2 January 1942 British official
General Freyberg inspects the regiment at Maadi,
4 March 1942
NZ Army
Captured German staff car bogged down on the HomsTripoli road C. E. Grainger
Convoy halts beside Lake Tiberias en route to Egypt, June 1942 C. E. Grainger
The first issue of Honey tanks, 8 July 1942 NZ Army
RHQ signals control truck in communication with squadrons, July 1942 NZ Army (H. Paton)
Mr Churchill meets Sgt Alan Sperry during his visit to 2 NZ Division at El Alamein, August 1942 British official
Dust C. E. Grainger
Wheel tracks, El Alamein R. C. Gibson
Divisional Cavalry convoy in Halfaya Pass, 11 November 1942 R. J. Loughnan collection
Bivouac near Bardia, November 1942 C. E. Grainger
Lunch halt at El Adem, December 1942 C. E. Grainger
Near Tmimi C. E. Grainger
Trooper Reg Bird, near Tocra Pass, 9 December 1942 R. J. Loughnan collection page xiii
Following page 250
A halt on the left hook at El Agheila C. E. Grainger
An enemy shell bursts among transport near Buerat J. C. White
The regiment's Bren carriers pass the saluting base at Tripoli, 4 February 1943 NZ Army (H. Paton)
New Zealand Corps on the left hook to Tebaga Gap
—as seen by the Divisional Cavalry advanced
J. C. White
German shelling at Enfidaville R. J. Loughnan collection
Sgt D. Lunn's crew in Tunisia, April 1943, with an Italian prisoner B. Zola, ‘Parade’ newspaper
Padre Taylor (‘Harry Kaitaia’) conducts a church parade at Maadi, July 1943 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
On the way up to the Sangro, 20 November 1943 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
C Squadron moving from Gissi to Monte Marconi, 20 November 1943 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
At Atina: RHQ welcome the spring sunshine NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
An A Squadron Staghound in the AtinaBelmonte
NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Near Sora. W. J. Tipler and Lt S. A. Morris NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
A B Squadron Staghound at Castiglion Fiorentino NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Bivouac near Riccione NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Waiting in Rimini NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
R. A. Loomes and N. N. Phillips in their Staghound at Rimini NZ Army (G. F. Kaye) page xiv
Watching Allied bombers pass overhead north of Rimini NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
The last attack in Staghounds. Passing through San Giorgio di Cesena, 21 October 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Mud near Faenza, December 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Crossing the Lamone River at Faenza British official
Panzer Grenadiers captured in the Faenza area NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Lt-Col J. R. Williams receives his DSO from General Freyberg, March 1945 NZ Army (J. Short)
Donkey Derby R. J. Loughnan collection
Flame-throwers strafe the Senio stopbank, 9 April 1945 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Wrecked enemy battery near Medicina NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
A group of Divisional Cavalry Battalion officers at Trieste NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Some of the regiment's Commanding Officers: Lieutenant-Colonels C. J. Pierce, H. G. Carruth, A. J. Nicoll, J. H. Sutherland, I. L. Bonifant and N. P. Wilder