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20 Battalion and Armoured Regiment

List of Illustrations

page xiv

List of Illustrations

En route to the Western Desert F. J. Bain
Following page 82
Enlisting, Christchurch, September 1939 Green and Hahn, Christchurch
Section post, Burnham Green and Hahn
Original officers of 20 Battalion S. A. Bremford, Timaru
Battalion lines, Cave L. W. Jackson collection
C Company on route march at Cave, November 1939 B. J. Mathewson collection
Farewell parade, Christchurch, January 1940 Green and Hahn
On board the Dunera at Lyttelton, 5 January 1940 Green and Hahn
On the Dunera L. W. Jackson collection
Arrival at Maadi, February 1940 G. Lawrence
20 Battalion Band
Wadi Tib, Maadi NZ Army (G. R. Buli)
Meal time on a B Company exercise J. T. Burrows collection
Carrying Italian prisoners of war, December 1940 J. T. Burrows collection
River-crossing exercise, Helwan, February 1941 D. J. Fountaine collection
Entraining for Greece, Ikingi Maryut, March 1941 J. T. Burrows collection
Following page 114
Reconnaissance group, Riakia R. D. B. Paterson collection
Katerini C. W. Hawkins
Riakia village E. J. Townley collection
Pioneers at Lava E. V. Gabites collection
Lieutenant Upham at Kriekouki H. K. Kippenberger collectionpage xv
Porto Rafti H. K. Kippenberger collection
A group of 20 battalion officers in Crete C. E. Thomas collection
The counter-attack on Maleme airfield E. V. Gabites collection
Junkers 52s dropping paratroops, Galatas E. K. S. Rowe
C Company platoons at Baggush H. K. Kippenberger collection
Battalion area in the Baggush Box, November 1941 W. A. Hudson collection
Padre Spence conducts church parade J. S. Harper
Sgt J. D. Hinton, VC
Lt-Col Kippenberger and Lt Upham at Baggush H. K. Kippenberger collection
Lt Upham's platoon, October 1941 NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
Awaiting orders on a desert exercise E. R. Chesterman collection
German prisoners, Menastir, November 1941 A. Rawlings collection
Following page 378
Attack at Bir el Chleta J. S. Harper
20 Battalion RAP, Bir el Chleta H. K. Kippenberger collection
Lunch on the way to Syria, 4 March 1942 D. J. C. Pringle collection
Pioneers in Syria J. A. T. Shand collection
Brigadier Kippenberger points out enemy positions near the Alamein line J. T. Burrows collection
C Company cookhouse during a move before the Ruweisat Ridge attack E. J. Townley collection
20 Armoured Regiment officers, 1943 J. F. Phillips collection
C Squadron moves to Burg el Arab J. C. Denham collection
Orsogna British Official
Tank positions, Orsogna G. N. Blatchford collection
Cassino, the German view of the town and valley page xvi
C Squadron officers, Cassino, March 1944 J. F. Moodie
Albaneta House J. F. Moodie
On the advance to Florence NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Looking towards Florence NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Following page 410
Tank crew ‘boils up’ during the advance to Florence NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Tiger v. Sherman NZ Army
T2 recovery tank freeing a Sherman V. C. Lea collection
By-passing a demolition north of Rimini J. C. Montgomery
Faenza area, looking towards the Senio J. K. Burtt
Farmhouse occupied by tank troops and infantry G. E. Taylor
Sherman gunline on the Senio NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
20 Regiment officers at Maadi J. N. Overton collection
Maintenance, Faenza G. Baker collection
C Squadron conference before the attack on the Senio, 9 April 1945 J. F. Moodie collection
25 Battalion infantry and tanks advance towards the Santerno G. E. Pritchard
Tanks waiting at the Adige NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
A Squadron on the road to Trieste J. C. Denham collection
Tanks and Yugoslav infantry surround the Law Courts, Trieste V. C. Lea collection
Brig J. T. Burrows NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
Lt-Col D. J. Fountaine H. K. Kippenberger collection
Lt-Col J. W. McKergow NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
Lt-Col J. B. Ferguson J. B. Ferguson collection
Lt-Col H. A. Purcell J. F. Phillips collection
Lt-Col H. A. Robinson NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)