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18 Battalion and Armoured Regiment

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

Bayonet charge in the Desert J. A. T. G. Smith collection
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18 Battalion marches into Papakura 100
Filling palliasses, Papakura 100
Troopship amusements—Boxing G. B. Nelson collection 100
Troopship amusements—Race Day Eric Firth 100
The Battalion goes ashore at Tewfik W. Ross collection 100
A Company signal office, Maadi, 1940 C. W. Dudding 100
18 Battalion in the desert behind Maadi Camp G. R. Andrews 100
Battalion transport at Kasr-el-Nil Barracks R. T. Bishop collection 100
Cooking in the field E. Firth 116
Wadi Naghamish R. A. Pickett collection 116
Dinner time, Baggush R. A. Pickett collection 116
Dinner time, Mikri Milia, Greece R. T. Bishop collection 116
Pause on roadside, Greece NZ Army 116
Looking down on Servia R. A. Pickett collection 116
Crete7 General Hospital after a bombing raid J. L. Richards collection 116
German troops on the march towards Sfakia German photograph 116
Crete survivors—8 Platoon, A Company L. Rawley 150
Combined training—Assault Landing Craft on HMS Glenroy L. Rawley 150page xii
Combined training—landing from the Assault Craft L. Rawley 150
Gambut airfield H. R. Lapwood collection 150
18 Battalion convoy being shelled L. Rawley collection 150
Belhamed18 Battalion advances on the German pocket W. E. Higgins collection 150
German prisoners at Belhamed R. D. Coats collection 150
18 Battalion Signal truck after hitting a mine J. A. T. G. Smith collection 150
Battalion Headquarters on Belhamed S. N. S. Crump 182
Section post, Belhamed R. A. Pickett collection 182
18 Battalion Headquarters in the escarpment below Belhamed S. N. S. Crump 182
‘Fishing’ in the Orontes R. T. Bishop collection 182
Route march in the Syrian hills W. E. Higgins collection 182
Alamein line—after the Stukas left J. R. Marra collection 182
B Company platoon post, Alamein line R. A. Pickett collection 182
Armoured training at Maadi—gunnery class 18 Regiment collection 182
Reunion dinner, Cairo, 1943 NZ Army (G. R. Bull) 380
Fording the Biferno River A. H. Dickinson collection 380
A Squadron tanks on Torretta 18 Regiment collection 380
18 Regiment moves up towards the Sangro O. H. Burn collection 380
On the Orsogna-Ortona road 18 Regiment collection 380
New Year's Day at Castelfrentano O. H. Burn collection 380
The last of the ‘originals’ go home on furlough 18 Regiment collection 380
In the gun line at Trocchio 18 Regiment collection 412
Cassino railway station W. H. Reynolds collection 412page xiii
A tank bivvy 18 Regiment collection 412
A Squadron's ‘well-diver’ A. H. Dickinson collection 412
18 Regiment halts on the way north from Veroli 18 Regiment collection 412
A Sherman tank boards its transporter 18 Regiment collection 412
The Regiment's first Tiger, 23 July 1944
From inside a Sherman—anti-tank gun on the road ahead G. R. McIntosh collection 412
Panther turret on Rimini airfield NZ Army (G. F. Kaye) 542
Prepared for rain—a Reconnaissance Troop Honey tank P. L. Collins collection 542
B Squadron troop out of action, 19 October 1944 Rev. R. M. Gourdie collection 542
C Squadron gun line at Faenza G. R. McIntosh collection 542
Over the bank at the Scolo Tratturo, 10 April 1945 J. W. Brook collection 542
Stuck in the ditch, 13 April 1945 R. Thomas collection 542
Maori infantry ride on the tanks R. J. Toon collection 542
Recovery tank drags out a Tiger J. W. Brook collection 542
Loaded up for the final advance A. J. Williamson collection 574
Crossing the Reno R. J. Toon collection 574
Across the big rivers—the Po R. Thomas collection 574
Across the big rivers—the Adige NZ Army (G. F. Kaye) 574
July 1945—tanks ready to leave the Regiment for the last time J. W. Brook collection 574
Lt-Cols J. R. Gray and J. N. Peart NZ Herald, Auckland 574
Lt-Col R. J. Lynch NZ Army 574
Lt-Col C. L. Pleasants NZ Army (G. R. Bull) 574
Lt-Col J. B. Ferguson J. B. Ferguson collection 574
Lt-Col H. H. Parata NZ Army 574
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