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Christchurch1877 Enlisting, Christchurch, September 1939 Farewell march through Christchurch, 17 August 1940 Farewell parade, Christchurch, January 1940 Fig. 199.—Miss Lilian Wakefield, daughter of E. J. Wakefield, Esq., and granddaughter of E. G. Wakefield, Esq. Miss Wakefield lives (1929) in Bealy Avenue, Christchurch, N.Z. By courtesy Miss L. Wakefield] Fig. 48.—Bringing Vegetable-sheep from 5,000 ft. on Mount Torlesse for the Christchurch Exhibition of 1906-7. — [Photo, L. Cockayne Fig. 4—Scene on Board an Emigrant Ship. — From an old print published in the Canterbury Jubilee Number, by courtesy of the Weekly Press, — Christchurch, N.Z Grenade making at Christchurch Hazard Poets Series HAZARD — SHORT FICTION — AWARD LANDFALL NEW FICTION POETS! PUBLISHERS! Take 5 New Novels The interior of the George Davis Printing Works, Christchurch (1901), photographed by Steffano Francis Webb (1880?-1967). The presence of women is a topic for further interesting research; for example, as late as the 1960s it was not possible for young women to be taken on as hand-typesetting apprentices in the Government Printing Office. Women were, however, often employed in binderies, though not as tradespeople. (Steffano Webb Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, NZ, reference… The Opawa Affair Third Field Ambulance exercises, Christchurch This lively picture of a newspaper boy provides a good example of the simplest distribution method: direct selling. It is unusual for print items other than newspapers, sports programmes or ephemeral handouts to be distributed on the street, although some religious groups employ this means of targeting their market. The photographer is unknown, but its provenance suggests that the paper being sold is the Christchurch Evening News (est. 1909) which ceased in 1917. (Alexander Turnbull Library, We… Triptych


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