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23 Battalion

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

General Freyberg inspects 23 Battalion, July 1941 D. F. Leckie collection
Following page 150
Second Echelon units at Burnham Camp give the General Salute Green and Hahn, Christchurch
Entraining at Burnham for overseas, 1 May 1940 T. Graham collection
On the wharf at Lyttelton Green and Hahn
Boxing match on the Andes T. Graham collection
The Andes at Gourock, June 1940 N. M. Gleeson
King George VI visits 23 Battalion at Mytchett, 6 July 1940 T. Graham collection
Mr Churchill inspects the Second Echelon, 4 September 1940 NZ Army
The Cameronia arrives at Piraeus, March 1941 D. F. Leckie collection
23 Battalion men march past the Acropolis to entrain for Katerini D. F. Leckie collection
Warrant officers and sergeants travel first class R. D. Minson collection
Bren carriers and crews on ‘flatties’ D. F. Leckie collection
The oldest and youngest members of the battalion—Les Wilson and Jim Lydiate—at Katerini A. Ross collection
View from A Company headquarters tent in the Olympus Pass D. F. Leckie collection
German paratroops drop over Maleme, 20 May 1941 E. K. S. Rowe
Galatas, a photograph taken before the battle D. F. Leckie collectionpage xii
Following page 216
Sgt A. C. Hulme, VC NZ Army
Pte A. Freeman and L-Sgt C. McIntosh, who escaped from Crete by barge NZ Army
D Company lunch queue, Kaponga Box, September 1941 R. W. S. Stone collection
The battalion in desert formation on the move into Libya, 14 November 1941 R. W. S. Stone collection
A Company bayonet charge at Capuzzo, 27 November 1941 D. P. McGovern
Fort Capuzzo, looking towards Musaid and Sollum R. W. S. Stone collection
Captains Ted Richards and Dick Connolly A. J. H. Jeavons collection
‘The parcels which saved our bacon.’ At Fort Capuzzo, 8 December 1941 R. W. S. Stone collection
At Gazala: some 11 Platoon men play cards before the battle R. W. S. Stone collection
After the battle: B Company plays HQ Company at rugby R. W. S. Stone collection
Christmas dinner at El Adem R. W. S. Stone collection
Peter Norris and Herbie Black at El Adem, March 1942 D. F. Leckie collection
23 Battalion officers at Maadi, April 1942 D. F. Leckie collection
Sergeants' mess, Maadi, April 1942 D. F. Leckie collection
C Company men and Turkish guards meet on the Turkish-Syrian border R. Wilson collection
In the Alamein Line, August 1942 H. K. Kippenberger collection
Following page 282
10 Platoon men wait for transport behind the front line, September 1942 R. W. S. Stone collection
5 Brigade begins the long journey westwards after the breakthrough at Alamein, 4 November 1942 H. K. Kippenberger collectionpage xiii
C Company cooks serve Christmas dinner at Nofilia, December 1942 R. Wilson collection
Another C Company meal as men wait to enter Tripoli R. Wilson collection
Takrouna from the start line J. C. White
5 Brigade sector, Takrouna 8 Platoon before Takrouna R. D. Minson collection
L-Cpl P. M. Kerr, Pte B. O'Hagan and Sgt C. F. Rose, Bren-carrier platoon, at Takrouna P. M. Kerr collection
The battalion's cricket team, Maadi, 1943 D. Milne collection
Fred Marett leads the field in the mile at the battalion sports, August 1943 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
C and D Company men on the wharf at Alexandria prior to embarking for Italy J. C. Rogers collection
Looking west from Castelfrentano towards Orsogna NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
The approach to Cassino F. H. Williams collection
14 Platoon after Cassino R. Wilson collection
12 Platoon comes out of the line at Terelle, May 1944 D. M. Leckie collection
Following page 414
General McCreery decorates Pte W. E. Green with the BEM D. M. Leckie collection
Outside the battalion RAP, San Donato, July 1944 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
16 Platoon, on a 19 Regiment tank, enters Florence W. H. Stirling collection
Mr Churchill drives past 23 Battalion D. M. Leckie collection
Platoon casa, Faenza NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
‘Brewing up’, Faenza NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Looking towards the Senio D. M. Leckie collection
‘Chinese attack’ NZ Army
Bren-gun post, January 1945 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)page xiv
Spring on the Senio, 8 April 1945 NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
By ferry across the Po D. M. Leckie collection
By pontoon bridge over the Adige D. M. Leckie collection
B Company baby show, Trieste A. Revie collection
23 Battalion convoy halts in the Fabriano Gorge A. Revie collection
Lt-Col A. S. Falconer NZ Army
Lt-Col D. F. Leckie D. F. Leckie collection
Lt-Col C. N. Watson NZ Army
Lt-Col R. E. Romans NZ Army
Lt-Col E. A. McPhail NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Lt-Col W. B. Thomas NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)