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18 Regiment moves up towards the Sangro 21 Battalion RAP, later 5 ADS, on the north bank of the Sangro, November 1943 28 Battalion moving across the Sangro 4 Field Ambulance ADS at Casalanguida, near the Sangro 4 Field Ambulance MDS at Atessa for the Sangro attack 4 MDS at Atessa – surgical centre for the crossing of the Sangro 5 ADS at the Sangro, November 1943 5 Field Ambulance ADS at the Sangro 5 Field Ambulance trucks moving up to the Sangro, November 1943 A Bofors crew surveys the Sangro front A B Troop, 4th Field, gun firing from a muddy gun pit near the Sangro After a heavy snowfall in the Sangro area, January 1944 Agnone, on the move from the Sangro A New Zealand 25-pounder in action at the Sangro Artillery HQ in the first engagement in Italy on the way to the Sangro Artillery HQ officers outside the ACV near the Sangro: Ken Myers, Steve Weir, George Cade, Murray Sidey, Phil Norrie A Squadron tanks on Torretta, with the Sangro valley beyond Bogged at the Sangro Brigadier C. E. Weir, Brigadier G. B. Parkinson, and General Freyberg before the Sangro battle Crossing the Sangro Crossing the Sangro D. McKenna oils a 5th Field gun during a lull on the Sangro front Engineers making a corduroy road up to the Sangro Flat country north of the Sangro cut up by vehicles of 2 NZ Division Italian muleteers packing New Zealand rations on the Sangro front Manhandling a truck bogged at the Sangro Medical staff at Atessa before the Sangro attack. Brigadier H. S. Kenrick is second from right New Zealand Engineers start work on TIKI bridge, the second Bailey bridge over the Sangro On the way up to the Sangro, 20 November 1943 Operating a Bofors predictor near the Sangro: J. D. Howard, V. R. Vinsen and L. M. Pamment RAP Jeep, from the Sangro Regimental Aid Post on the north bank of the Sangro Repair and maintenance truck in the Sangro valley Road to the Divisional Signals cookhouse at the Sangro Sangro and Orsogna Battles Sangro and Orsogna battles: Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation Steve Weir, Ike Parkinson and General Freyberg near the Sangro Stretcher jeep, Sangro, December 1943 Support weapons of 24 Battalion waiting to cross the Sangro The confluence of the Sangro (on the right) and Aventino rivers. The Division advanced into the distant hills on the left after crossing the Sangro The Crossing of the Sangro, 27–28 November 1943 The eroded gully on the right was part of the objective north of the Sangro The hills beyond the Sangro — the Battalion sector is on the left The move to the Sangro — halting place near the Osento River The road to the cookhouse at the Sangro The tiki bridge across the Sangro. On the right is the original assault Bailey bridge Trucks wait to cross the low-level Bailey bridge over the Sangro, December 1943 Vehicles of the Divisional Cavalry make their way over muddy roads to the Sangro ‘Sangro mud was now our element’ —page 323


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