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21 Battalion

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

Mount Olympus from Platamon 21 Battalion collection
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The Original Officers of 21 Battalion 50
The Battalion Commanders: Lieutenant-Colonels N. L. Macky, J. M. Allen, S. F. Allen (S. P. Andrew), R. W. Harding (NZ Army Official–G. R. Bull), H. M. McElroy (G. R. Bull), J. I. Thodey (NZ Army Official—G. F. Kaye), and E. A. McPhail (G. F. Kaye) 50
Camp at Duder's Beach, near Auckland W. J. G. Roach collection 50
Firing Bren guns on the range at Penrose W. J. G. Roach collection 50
Farewell march through Auckland, 27 April 1940 The Weekly News 50
Camp at Mytchett, England G. H. Panckhurst collection 50
The castle on the ridge at Platamon R. B. McClymont 82
The coastline north of Platamon from the castle R. B. McClymont 82
Looking towards Pandeleimon from the castle R. B. McClymont 82
Loading up a donkey between Platamon and Tempe G. H. Panckhurst 82
Demolition of the Peneios railway bridge 82page xii
The outlook from 21 Battalion positions south of Maleme A. J. Voss collection 82
Looking north along the road from Suda Bay to Stilos S. B. Cann, AIF 82
Regimental Aid Post, second Libyan campaign Davey 116
The New Zealand cemetery at Sidi Rezegh G. H. Levien 116
Returning from Libya, December 1941 G. H. Levien 116
Battalion Headquarters, Baggush R. B. Abbott collection 116
Flooded bivouac at El Adem R. B. Abbott collection 116
5 Brigade convoy passing through Syrian village R. B. Abbott collection 116
Regimental Aid Post, Alamein G. H. Levien 116
Bombing, August 1942 G. H. Levien 116
Training behind the Alamein Line, September 1942 G. H. Levien 148
Encamped at Burg el Arab, October 1942 G. H. Levien 148
Officers of 21 Battalion hear the plan for the Battle of Alamein G. H. Levien 148
German tanks burning on the morning of the breakthrough at Alamein R. B. Abbott collection 148
Flooding near Fuka G. H. Levien 148
Enemy dugouts and sangars at the top of Halfaya Pass NZ Army Official (W. Timmins) 148
Halfaya Pass battlefield F. Ellery 148
British armour going up Halfaya Pass after its capture G. H. Levien 148
A 210-mm German howitzer at the top of Halfaya Pass G. H. Levien 248
The battalion in the pursuit between Gabes and Sfax R. B. Abbott collection 248page xiii
Aerial mosaic showing the dispositions at Tebaga Gap Army Air Photo Interpretation Unit, Middle East 248
The pinnacle of Takrouna B. A. Beale collection 248
From Takrouna south-west to the 21 Battalion start line K. G. Killoh 248
Resting on the march to camp near Taranto Gordon Spencer 248
The eroded gully objective north of the Sangro Bruce Guthrie 248
Regimental Aid Post on the north bank of the Sangro K. G. Killoh 280
Inoculation day, Piedimonte d'Alife Gordon Spencer 280
A meal for a mortar detachment, south of Cassino Gordon Spencer 280
‘I’ Section group, south of Cassino A. J. Voss collection 280
Aerial photograph of Cassino 280
Aerial photograph of part of Cassino A. J. Voss collection 280
General Freyberg takes the salute at Montaquila Gordon Spencer 346
Battalion parcels, south of Sora Gordon Spencer 346
A direct hit on a carrier at Gatteo Gordon Spencer 346
Serravalle, in the Apennines Gordon Spencer 346
Officers and sergeants serve Christmas dinner for a platoon near Faenza NZ Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 346
Going forward along Route 9 near Castel Bolognese NZ Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 346
Bailey bridge over the Lamone Gordon Spencer 346
In the mud north of Faenza Gordon Spencer 346
Mortar crews' billets near Faenza Gordon Spencer 378page xiv
Mortar pit, Faenza Gordon Spencer 378
A party for the children of Muccia NZ Army Official (J. Short) 378
March past at Camerino M. R. Kennedy collection 378
Minesweeping on the Senio M. R. Kennedy collection 378
The 21 Battalion position on the Senio stopbank M. R. Kennedy collection 378
A cookhouse near the Senio NZ Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 378
German graves on the beach at Lignano NZ Army Official (G. F. Kaye) 378