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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Division Joins Fifth Army

Division Joins Fifth Army

The move was carried out in the strictest secrecy. In mid-January in the Orsogna sector 4 Indian Division relieved the New Zealanders, who had been led to believe that they were being withdrawn for a long period of rest and training. Only a few senior officers knew the facts until the long convoys were well on their way across Italy. The move south and across the Apennines was made in three stages, finishing at the divisional assembly area near Alife, about 35 miles north of Naples.

Leaving the Sangro area with the first flight of vehicles on the night of 13–14 January, 6 Field Ambulance reached Alife on the 17th and established an MDS for holding divisional sick. The sites of the open ADSs and MDSs on the Sangro front were taken over by units of 4 Indian Division, 4 MDS closing on 17 January page 529 and 5 MDS, with attached units, on 20 January. At Vasto 1 Mobile CCS, with 8 British FSU attached, also closed on 18 January and moved with the Division to the Fifth Army front. The whole Division had assembled in the new area at Alife by 25 January. Here all medical units rested, with the exception of 6 Field Ambulance and 102 VDTC.

The opportunity was taken to check over all medical supplies and vehicles. Indents for medical supplies were well met by 10 British Advanced Depot Medical Stores. Training and lectures were instituted.