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Howard Karl Kippenberger

Lawyer, military leader, historian.

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After an early morning conference at Munassib, July 1942 - Majors M.C. Fairbrother and R.B. Dawson, Brigadiers H.K. Kippenberger and C.E. Weir AFTER THE BATTLE A GROUP OF 20 BATTALION ON THE DAY OF ARRIVAL — From left to right the officers in the foreground are: Lt M. G. O'Callaghan, Capt C. Wilson (back to camera), Lt J. D. Aiken, Lt G. A. Brown, Maj J. T. Burrows (back to camera), Lt D. J. Fountaine, Lt-Col H. K. Kippenberger, Capt D. B. Cameron, Capt M. C. Rice (standing), 2 Lt N. J. McPhail (standing), 2 Lt C. H. Upham (holding mug), Lt R. L. D. Powrie black and white aerial photograph of desert attack black and white photograph of army officers Black and white photograph of army officers Black and white photograph of army officers black and white photograph of army officers with minister Black and white photograph of group of officers black and white photograph of soldiers consulting plans/maps Black and white photograph of soldiers discussing Brigadier Kippenberger points out enemy positions near the Alamein line. With him is Brigadier Burrows and, on ground, Capt P. V. H. Maxwell Brigadiers Parkinson and Kippenberger and Lieutenant-Colonel R. E. Romans discuss plans for an attack Brig H.K. Kippenberger in July 1942 Brig Kippenberger and Lt-Col S.F. Allen, 21 Battalion (July 1942) General Freyberg and Brigadier Kippenberger, August 1942 General Freyberg confers with his O Group near Nofilia General McGreery decorates Pte W. E. Green with the BEM. Green was the stretcher-bearer who attended Major-General Kippenberger on Monte Trocchio Lt-Col Kippenberger and Lt Upham at Baggush


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