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New Zealand Literature

Since the last edition of The Long White Cloud there has been a considerable output of historical and other works relating to New Zealand. One of the most important books was the New Zealand volume of the Cambridge History of the British Empire, edited by Dr. (now Sir) James Hight, and published in 1933. A valuable bibliography is included. For later works lists will be found in the annual volumes of the New Zealand Official Year Book. For convenience a few are listed here:

J. B. Condliffe's comprehensive economic history New Zealand in the Making (1930), his short history, first published in 1925, and J. C. Beaglehole's New Zealand—a Short History are all published by George Allen & Unwin Ltd. In 1948 the United Nations published a volume on New Zealand, edited by Horace Belshaw.

Research work on special periods is embodied in such works as The Provincial System of Government in New Zealand by W. P. Morrell; T. L. Buick's The French at Akaroa and The Treaty of Waitangi; A. J. Harrop's England and New Zealand: From Tasman to the Taranaki; War and England and the Maori Wars; J. R. Elder's Samuel Marsden and his Lieutenants.

The series of Centennial publications issued by the Government from 1940 are almost all of considerable interest. They include the monumental Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, compiled by Dr. G. H. Scholefield.

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Important books on the Maori race include F. M. Keesing's The Changing Maori (1928); Raymond Firth's Primitive Economics of the New Zealand Maori (1929); and I. L. G. Sutherland's The Maori Situation (1935).

Agricultural Organisation in New Zealand by H. Belshaw and others (1936); Education in New Zealand by A. G. Butchers (1938); and Education Today and Tomorrow by H. G. R. Mason (1944) are important contributions to their subjects.

T. E. Donne's Rod-fishing in New Zealand Waters (1927) and H. E. Towner Coston's Speckled Nomads (1938) are notable angling books. One of the best books on mountaineering is J. D. Pascoe's Unclimbed New Zealand (George Allen & Unwin Ltd.).

Most of the general descriptive books on the Dominion went out of print during the second world war, but a few titles are listed: Travel in New Zealand (James Cowan); A Pilgrim's Way in New Zealand (Alan Mulgan); New Zealand Holiday (Rosemary Rees); Touring in New Zealand (A. J. Harrop, George Allen & Unwin Ltd.).

Biographies include The Life of William Hobson by G. H. Scholefield; Marsden of Maoriland by A. H. Reed; The Right Hon. Sir Francis Bell by W. Downie Stewart; and Check to Your King, a life of Charles, Baron de Thierry, in the form of a novel, by Robin Hyde.

The official histories of New Zealand's part in the second world war are being prepared under the editorship of Major-General Sir Howard Kippenberger. In New Zealand After Five Wars (1947) I attempted to summarise the country's war efforts and place them against the background of the Dominion's somewhat chequered story.

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