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[Lent by Capt. Farr, D.S.O., M.C. — A Gun of the 3rd Battery, N.Z.F.A. at Cape Helles.. — After our experience of cover in France, the sheet on galvanized iron and row of sandbags is almost ludicrous. Notice the typical Gallipoli hair-cut and the absence of many garments [Photo by the Author — Divisional Head-Quarters. — Showing Head-quarters cars and signallers on the old Suez Road. The officer in the foreground is Lt. Col. G. R. Pridham, D.S.O., R.E., the talented C.R.E. of the Division in Gallipoli and France FRANCE RAF OPERATIONS, MAY-JUNE 1940 Ground crews coaxing the propeller of a Battle bomber on an airfield in France Low-level attack by Battle bombers on a German convoy in France Recounting experiences on returning from a sweep over northern France Unveiling Memorial at Longueval, France


For several reasons, including lack of resource and inherent ambiguity, not all names in the NZETC are marked-up. This means that finding all references to a topic often involves searching. Search for France as: "France". Additional references are often found by searching for just the main name of the topic (the surname in the case of people).

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