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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume I

86 — The High Commissioner for New Zealand to the Prime Minister

page 69

The High Commissioner for New Zealand to the Prime Minister

16 August 1940

With reference to my telegram of 13 August (No. 85), I saw the Secretary of State for War, who explained the equipment situation as follows:

The First Echelon in Egypt is at present better equipped than similar formations there, and with additional equipment, including the latest 25-millimetre [-pounder?] guns now en route, will have full war equipment except tanks for the Divisional Cavalry Regiment. The Second Echelon in this country is now receiving full war equipment. This is to be completed by 30 September in readiness for possible movement. The Third Echelon will have a training scale of equipment on arrival at its destination. Its full war equipment is now being shipped. By October or November when this echelon will have completed its training, the 2nd New Zealand Division will be fully equipped, except possibly for tanks, the shortage of which is due to losses in France. However, every effort is being made to overcome this shortage.