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New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Vol. II)

No. 487 Squadron

No. 487 Squadron

Squadron Motto: Ki te Mutunga (Through to the end).

Date and Place of Formation: 15 August 1942 – Feltwell, Norfolk.

Commanding Officers:

Wg Cdr F. C. Seavill August 1942 to December 1942
Wg Cdr G. J. Grindell December 1942 to May 1943
Wg Cdr A. G. Wilson May 1943 to January 1944
Wg Cdr I. S. Smith February 1944 to August 1944
Wg Cdr R. C. Porteous August 1944 to December 1944
Wg Cdr R. W. Baker January 1945 to February 1945
Wg Cdr F. H. Denton February 1945 to August 1945
Wg Cdr W. P. Kemp August 1945 to September 1945
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Feltwell, Norfolk August 1942 to April 1943
Methwold, Norfolk April 1943 to July 1943
Sculthorpe, Norfolk July 1943 to December 1943
Hunsdon, Hertfordshire January 1944 to April 1944
Gravesend, Kent April 1944 to June 1944
Thorney Island, Hants June 1944 to February 1945
Rosieres en Santerre, France February 1945 to April 1945
Brussels, Melsbroek April 1945 to July 1945
Cambrai, Epinoy July 1945 to September 1945


Formed as a light day-bomber squadron equipped with Ventura aircraft. Transferred from Bomber Command to 2nd TAF in June 1943; re-equipped with Mosquito bombers in August 1943. Role henceforth predominantly night bombing attacks, but also took part in several special daylight precision attacks.

First Operation:

6 December 1942 16 Venturas attacked Phillips radio works, Eindhoven, by day.

Last Operation:

2–3 May 1945 13 Mosquitos bombed Itzeloe, Heide, and Elmshorn at night.

Disbanded: 19 September 1945

Effort and Achievements:

No. 487 Squadron flew 3112 sorties totalling 7892 hours. As its aircraft operated mainly at night, no accurate record of achievements could be compiled, but No. 487's contribution to the campaign against enemy transport and supply was certainly substantial.

Decorations won by New Zealand members of the squadron were:

Victoria Cross 1 Distinguished Flying Cross 7
Distinguished Service Order 1 Distinguished Flying Medal 1
Bar to DFC 1