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Ngāti Porou

Also known as: Ngāti Porou ki Te Tai Rāwhiti.

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A Poverty Bay group of Maoris clad in a wide variety of garment. Back: Paul Amohau (huru-kuri or dog's hair), Haare Hone, Tute Nihoniho—well-known Ngati-Porou cheif, Matenga Taihuka—Povery Bay cheif, Hati Poutu. Front: Charles Ferris, Tom Porter (Kiwi), R. T. Kohere (korowai), Paratene Tatae, Hatea (paaki or rain-cape) Interior of the Maori War Memorial Church at Kahukura, Waiapu Valley, East Cape. — This beautiful church, which has a memorial window symbolising the Maori effort in the Great War, was erected by the Ngati-Porou tribe in honour of their soldiers. The Governor-General of the Dominion, General Sir Charles Fergusson, took part in the opening ceremonies, February 16th, 1926 Major Ropata Wahawaha, N.Z.C. — The fighting Chief of Ngati-Porou Note.—The line on left is that of Whanau-a-Apanui and that on right is that of Ngati-Porou. The lines are not brought — up to the present Pukemaire, a pā on the high river terrace at Tikitiki, Waiapu River valley Whangara — The home of Paikea, Porourangi and other progenitors of the Ngati-Porou Tribe. On the — island is Paikea's Cave (page 3). The scene depicted is the opening of the beautiful carved — house, Whitireia, Paikea's house


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