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Fig. 1: Chart of vegetation canopy in permanent transect established by A. E. Esler on Tiritiri Island, Hauraki Gulf. Dimensions in feet. Key to symbols used:— — Bl. cap.: Blechnum capense — Cass: Cassinia retorta — Cy deal: Cyathea dealbata — Dac. glom.: Dactylis glomerata — Ger. molle: Geranium molle — Hol. lan.: Holcus lanatus — Lept. scop. and L.s.: Leptospermum scoparium — Met. ex.: Metrosideros excelsa — Pitt crass: Pittosporum crassifolium — Plant. lanc.: Plantago lanceolata — Pt. ag. an… PLATE II - CENTRIC DIATOMS — Fig. 1: Coscinodiscus excentricus Ehrenberg; Hauraki Gulf. Fig. 2: Stephanopyxis orbicularis Wood (in press); Cape Campbell. Fig. 3: Thalassiosira hyalina (Grunow) Gran, with auxospore; Hauraki Gulf. Fig. 4: Planktoniella sol (Wallich) Schutt; Napier. Fig. 5: Chaetoceros affine Lauder; Wellington Harbour. Fig. 6: Chaetoceros concavicorne Mangin; Cape Campbell. Fig. 7: Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve; Hauraki Gulf. Fig. 8: Rhizoselenia alata Brightwell; Hauraki Gulf. Fig…


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