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An air attack at Singapore on the wharf adjacent to the SS Talthybius At Batavia after the journey from Singapore Black and white photograph of soldier writing and soldiers in the kitchen Black and white photograph of squadron of pilots standing outside hut Brewster Buffalo fighters at Singapore CHANGI JAIL, SINGAPORE — This building housed civilian internees and, later, prisoners of war Lieutenant-General A. E. Percival signs the surrender at Singapore. The Japanese leader is Lieutenant-General T. Yamashita On board the Empire Star after leaving Singapore (see pages 93–4) Preparing to evacuate Tebrau for Singapore SINGAPORE AIRFIELDS SS Talthybius at a Singapore wharf escapes attack Tents amongbber trees of Singapore hoirmen evacuated from Te The Selarang Barracks, Singapore, crowded by the Japanese with 17,000 prisoners of war because they had refused to sign pledges not to escape


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