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New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Volume III)

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

Unless otherwise stated, the photographs come from the Imperial War Museum collection

A Wellesley bomber flies over Eritrea to attack Keren Frontispiece
Following page 100
A Hurricane prepares to take off from a desert airfield
An Australian Gladiator patrol returns to its base
A bomber is re-armed
Italian cruiser San Giorgio on fire in Tobruk harbour
Derna airfield after an RAF raid
Flooded ‘bivvy’
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, AOC-in-C Middle East
Air Vice-Marshal Arthur Coningham and Lieutenant-General
Sir Bernard Montgomery
Boston bombers take off in formation
A ‘Shark Squadron’ Kittyhawk
‘Bombing up’ a Halifax
Servicing a Wellington bomber
Salvage convoy drivers wait for their evening meal
Beaufighter attacks an enemy train, October 1942
Salvage crews collect destroyed German aircraft at Daba
Axis transport destroyed on the Derna road
Ploughed-up enemy airfield near Nofilia
A Hurricane tank-buster attacks enemy armour in Tunisia
A Baltimore squadron intelligence officer briefs aircrews
Arming a Wellington torpedo-bomber page xii
Grand Harbour, Malta
The air-raid warning flag flies over the operations room at Luqa
Spitfires on a Malta airfield
Air Vice-Marshal Sir Keith Park, AOC-in-C Mediterranean,
with men of a Malta bomber crew
Takali airfield and dispersal areas, April 1942
Baltimores fly in formation to attack gun positions near
A bombed railway bridge at Arezzo
No. 111 Squadron Spitfires in Italy
Marauder crews in eastern Italy prepare to move off
United States Army Air Force bombers attack Naples harbour
South African Air Force Beaufighters make a rocket attack
on Lussin Island
Following page 214
Buffaloes in flight, as seen from a Vildebeeste
Brewster Buffalo fighters at Singapore
No. 488 Fighter Squadron pilots at Singapore, December 1941 Ministry of Information, Singapore
SS Talthybius at a Singapore wharf escapes attack F. A. McCarthy collection
No. 67 Squadron group at Mingaladon K. A. Rutherford collection
No. 1 Aerodrome Construction Squadron working on the
bomber strip at Tebrau
Ground crew of a Spitfire squadron in Burma erect a workshop during a minor monsoon
Sentinel aircraft being unloaded from an LCV
Vultee Vengeance dive-bomber on a forward airfield
Blenheims over Akyab
Indian troops in Burma prepare to board a troop-carrier
Loading a jeep page xiii
Over the Hump
Hurri-bomber pilots in Burma are briefed before take-off
Hurri-bomber destroys a bridge on the Tiddim road
A direct hit on a Japanese base in the Andaman Islands
RAF pilots off duty in Burma
Dakota drops supplies for Fourteenth Army south of the
Irrawaddy River
Liberators bomb Yenangyaung
The Myitnge bridge after attack by RAF Thunderbolts
Bombs straddle a bridge on the Moulmein-Bangkok railway
The bomb-shattered docks at Rangoon
A Beaufighter attack on a supply train near Kanbalu, Burma
Liberators bomb supply base at Armapure
The ‘Tree Tops’ Club – an RAF control tower in central
Remains of Japanese headquarters on Ramree Island
Indian troops collect supplies dropped at Mandalay
Air Vice-Marshal S. F. Vincent, Lord Louis Mountbatten and
Lieutenant-General Sir William Slim
The Kohima battlefield
page xiv