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The Pacific

Annex I

page 336

Annex I

Dividing Line Between Indian Theatre and Pacific Theatre

From Cape Kami in the Luichow Peninsula around the coast of the Tonkin Gulf, Indo-China, Thailand, and Malaya to Singapore: from Singapore south to the north coast of Sumatra, thence round the east coast of Sumatra (leaving the Sunda Strait to the eastward of the line) to a point on the coast of Sumatra at Longitude 104 degrees East, thence south to Latitude 08 degrees South, thence south-easterly towards Onslow, Australia, and on reaching Longitude 110 degrees East, due south along that meridian. The Pacific Theatre extends eastward of this dividing line to the continents of North and South America.

Definition of South West Pacific Area

The westerly boundary of the South West Pacific Area is the westerly boundary of the Pacific Theatre, the Area including necessary naval and air operational areas off the west coast of Australia. The north and east boundaries of the South West Pacific Area run as follows: From Cape Kami (Luichow Peninsula) south to Latitude 20 degrees North: thence east to Longitude 130 degrees East; thence south to the Equator; thence east to Longitude 165 degrees East; south to Latitude 10 degrees South; south-westerly to Latitude 17 degrees South, Longitude 160 degrees East; thence south.

Definition of South East Pacific Area

From the Mexican-Guatemala western boundary south-westerly to Latitude 11 degrees North, Longitude 110 degrees West; thence south.

Definition of the Pacific Ocean Area

The Pacific Ocean Area includes all of the Pacific Theatre not included in the South West and South East Pacific Areas, and is sub-divided into the:

North Pacific Area, North of Latitude 42 degrees North;

Central Pacific Area, between the Equator and Latitude 42 degrees North;

South Pacific Area, South of the Equator.