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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

III. Furniture and Accessories

III. Furniture and Accessories.

Class 17.—Cheap and Fancy Furniture.

70 August, H., Invereargill.—Spring bottoms for full-sized bedstead.

71 Bain, A. B.. Wellington.—Hanging escritoire, for use in hall, parlour, bedroom, office or in travelling.

72 Bernasconi, G., Wellington.—Superior inlaid table, of New Zealand woods.

73 Fleming, G., Nelson.—Tables and boxes (inlaid), of New Zealand woods.

74 Guthrie & Larnach's New Zealand Timber & Woodenware Factories Co., Dunedin—Ornamental door, in New Zealand woods.

75 Guthrie & Larnach's Co.—Cabinet of New Zealand woods, numbering 8508 pieces.

76 Halley & Ewing, Wellington.—Door of New Zealand red pine.

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77 Large & Townley, Napier.—Work-table inlaid, of New Zealand woods.

78 Lawson, Mrs. Henry, Wellington.—Gipsy tables, and ornamental needlework.

79 Nicholson, W., Wellington.—Sideboard, of New Zealand woods, made by an apprentice.

80 Norrie. W., Auckland.—Bookcase and escritoire of mottled kauri, and different New Zealand woods.

81 Peters, C., Wellington.—Octagon table, and variety of New Zealand woods.

82 Petherick, J., jun., Wellington.—Table, inlaid, of New Zealand woods.

83 Seuffert. A.. Cabinetmaker, Auckland.—Chess-table, inlaid, of New Zealand woods.

84 Stewart & Co., Wellington.—Mantelshelf and door, of New Zealand wood.

85 Waddell. M Leod & Weir, Wellington.—Two inside house-doors, one of kauri, the other of red pine.

86 Wallis, B-, Timaru.—Chess-table, inlaid with knotted totara.

87 Warburton. P. S-. Palmerston North.—Two ornamental tables, of New Zealand woods.

88 Williams, E., Dunedin.—Panel of red pine, mounted.

Class 18.—Upholsterers' and Decorators' Work.

89 Guthrie & Larnach's New Zealand Timber & Woodenware Factories Co., Dunedin.—Gilt console table, with marble top.

90 Maxwell, Mrs., Fernhill, Wellington.—Curtains, New Zealand ferns done in China-ink.

91 Myers, T., Wellington.—Sample picturc-frame.

92 Paterson, Burk & Co., Dunedin.—Samples of Venetian blinds.

93 Salmon, Mrs. Kate, Kakaramea, Patea.—Cone picture-frames., seaweed and ferns.

94 Taylor, J., Maclaggan-st., Dunedin.—Venetian blind, with stand and pulleys complete.

95 Thompson. Mrs.. Napier.—Framed picture, of seaweed.

96 White, Mrs. S., Roseville, Wanganui.—Picture-frame in New Zealand cones.

Class 20.—Pottery.

97 Austin, Kirk & Co., Christchurch.—Stoneware drain-pipes pottery, and ornamental specimens of fire-clay goods.

98 Boyd, G., Auckland.—Samples of gas tiles.

99 Capstick, R. W., Dunedin.—Jugs, vases, spill-cups, teapots, candlesticks, and ink-bottles.

100 Condliffe, T., Malvern Hills, Canterbury.—Terra-cotta—scroll-work, cornice-work, trusses, brackets, balustrades, garden vases, and ornaments.

101 Ford & Ogden, South Malvern, Canterbury.—Drain-pipes; fire-bricks, from fire-clay and from ganister; ornamental bricks.

102 Norbury, G., Wellington.—Drain-pipes, glazed.

103 Plant, W., Thames.—One jug mould, with handle, complete in one mould.

104 Reeves & Co., Milton Royal Pottery Co., Dunedin.—Specimens of earthenware, manufactured solely of New Zealand materials.

105 WaitO, J. E., Thames.—China dish (raised figures), 200 years old.

106 Wright & Vincent, Hamilton, Auckland.—Samples of pottery-ware.

Class 21.—Carpets, Tapestry, and other Stuffs for Furniture.

107 Cook, W., Wellington.—Four mats, made of New Zealand flax and wool.

108 Hislop, A. R., Wellington.—Tapestry, executed by Mary, Queen of Scots.

109 Oldham, A., Onehunga, Auckland.—New Zealand flax floor-matting.

Class 24.—Goldsmiths' and Silversmiths' Work.

110 Peterson, B.. & Co., Christchurch.—Silver claret jug and cups, manufactured by exhibitors, from New Zealand silver.

111 Sandstein. M., Christchurch.—Silver epergne, of local manufacture.

112 Blytt, A.. Timaru.—Centre-piece, two cake-baskets, twelve teaspoons (sterling silver).

Class 25.—Bronzes and various Art Castings and Repousse Work.

113 Burt. A. & T.. Dunedin.—One ladies' reel-stand, electro-plated and mounted with silk reels.

Class 27.—Apparatus and Processes for Heating and Lighting.

114 Atkinson, T., Christchurch.—Working-man's cooking range, capable of being entirely closed or used as an open range.

115 Barningham & Co.. Ironfounders, Dunedin.—Patent cooking and heating range, "Zealandia."

116 Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.—Gasaliers, billiard, bracket, pillar, and other lights.

117 Douslin, W., Blenheim.—Three patent candle-sticks.

118 Fisher, H., Thames—Colonial oven and grate.

Class 29.—Leather-work, Fancy Articles, and Basket-work.

119 Brigden, Mrs. A.. Wellington.—Hand-screen, tablecover, tea-cloth, bracket.

120 Ellery. Miss E. F., Dunedin.—Cotton crochet tablecover.

121 Harbutt, T. J., Brush Manufacturer, Auckland.—Brushware made of bristles, hair, fibre, whisk, &c.

122 Henry. Miss Bridget J., Kensington, Dunedin.—Picture, in Berlin wool and silk—" Christ in Gethsenmne."

123 Jennings. D. H., Nelson.—Nest of three baskets made of native material; card of Pawa shell ornaments.

124 Lockwood, Mrs., Timaru.—Antimacassar.

125 Macfarlane, Mrs. D., Jackson's Bay.—Sea-weed and shells.

126 Malcolm, Alice Jane, Dunedin.—Picture, in Berlin wool and silk; subject—" Dogs."

127 Malcolm. Olivia Alberta, Dunedin.-Picture, in Berlin wool and silk; subject—" The Hueruenots."

128 Malcolm. Olivia Alberta. Dunedin.—Raised Berlin wool and silk picture—"Flowers."

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129 Maxwell, Mrs., Wellington.—Menu cards, ornamented with New Zealand flowers.

130 Munro. G., Dunedin.—Clock case, made from Kakanui stone.

131 Murdoch, Miss L., Upper Hutt, Wellington.—Natural fern stencil-work, combined with water-colours.

132 Porter, J., Thames.—Puzzle, in decanter.

133 Powell. Mrs. H., Oamam.—Picture, in wool and silk—"Huguenot."

134 Salmon, Mrs. Kate, Kakaramea, Patca.—Cone bracket.

135 Sim, Mrs. Janet, Dunedin.—Socks, stockings, baby's petticoat.

136 Stott, Mrs., Auckland.—Models of flowers in wool-work.

137 Strong, Miss Annie, Port Chalmers.—Collection of crochet-work.

138 Thompson, W., Dunedin.—Draughtboard, made from painter's trying-block—imitation of inlaid wood.