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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

II. Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts

II. Education and Instruction, Apparatus and Processes of the Liberal Arts.

Class 6.—Education of Children, Primary Instruction, Instruction of Adults.

1 Board of Education. Napier, New Zealand.—School apparatus and school appliances.

2 Buller, Dr. W. L., Sc. D., C.M.G., F.R.S., &c., Wellington.—Quarto vol.—A History of the Birds of New Zealand.

3 Haast. Prof. J. von., Ph.D., F.R.S.—Report on the Geology of Canterbury and Westland, New Zealand.

4 Hector, J., M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S.—Scientific and other publications relating to New Zealand.

5 Hill. H.. Napier, New Zealand.—Reading tablets (16 sheets).

Class 8.—Organisation, Methods, and Appliances for Superior Instruction.

6 Daniel, W., Dipton, Southland.—Specimens of fossils, stones.

7 Driller, s., New Plymouth.—Horse's foot (showing the formation).

8 Haast, Prof. J. von, Ph.D., F.R.S.—Collections, illustrating the ethnology of New Zealand.

9 Haast. Prof J. von. Ph.D., F.R.S.—Collection, illustrating the ethnology of pre-historic races beyond the Australian colonies.

10 Haast, Prof. J. von, Ph.D., F.R.S.—Three complete skeletons of Dinornithidæ, articulated from material obtained in tertiary deposits at Glenmark.

11 Haast. Prof. J. von, Ph.D., F.R.S.—Maps, sections, and drawings, illustrating the ethnology of New Zealand.

12 Haast, Prof. J. von. Ph.D., F.R.S.—Photographs of objects in the Canterbury Museum.

13 Hamilton, A., & Hill. H., Napier.—Specimens of fossils, illustrating the geology of Hawke's Bay.

14 Hamilton, A., Napier.—Curious and rare specimens of ancient printing and writing, enamel (rare print).

15 Hamilton, A., Petane, Napier, New Zealand.—Ethnological collection (11 articles).

16 Harding, J., Napier.—Stone axes, Maori carvings, limestone fossils.

17 Hector, J., M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S.—Collection of 2500 specimens, illustrating the geology of New Zealand.

18 Hector, J., M.D., C.M.G.. F.R.S.—Collection, illustrating the mineralogy of New Zealand.

19 Hector, J., M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S.—Models. New Zealand topographical and geological, made by Dr. Hector.

20 Hector, J., M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S.—Collection of sketches of New Zealand scenery.

21 Monckton. C. H., Wellington.—Maori war flag captured at Opotiki.

22 Parker, Prof. T. J., Otago Museum, Dunedin,—A series of vertebrate skulls (13 in number).

23 Thomas, J. A., Nelson.—Fossil shell and timber, found at Moutere.

Class 9.—Printing, Books.

24 Colenso, W., F.L.S., Napier.—First books and public papers printed in New Zealand.

25 Cumming, R., Dunedin.—Six copies of masonic newspaper, printed in two colours.

26 Edward & Green, Wellington.—Specimens of machine-printing.

27 Enys, J. D., F.G.S., Canterbury.—Illustrated catalogue of New Zealand butterflies.

28 Gordon, W., Wanganui.—Publications in Maori language.

29 Harding. R. C, Napier.—Specimens of letterpress printing.

30 Wilkinson, W., Thames.—Specimens of printing.

31 Wise, H., & Co., Dunedin.—New Zealand Directory for 1880-1.

Class 10.—Stationery, Bookbinding, Painting and Drawing Materials.

32 Burrett. R., Wellington.—Specimens of bookbinders' work.

33 Colenso. W., F.L.S., Napier.—Paper made from Phormium tenax before 1838.

34 Didsbury. G., Government Printer, Wellington.—Bookbinding, set of account-books, eleven volumes of Transactions.

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35 Fergusson & Mitchell, Dunedin.—Account-books, &c.

36 Hammond, J., Nelson.—Four bottles of ink manufactured by the exhibitor.

37 Invercargill Paper Bag Factory, Invercargill.—Paper bags made from paper manufactured by the Mataura Paper Mill Co.

38 Mataura Paper Mill Co., Otago.—Brown and grey wrapping-paper, manufactured chiefly from native grass.

39 Otago Paper Co., Dunedin.—Two samples of brown wrapping-paper, manufactured by the exhibitors.

Class 11.—General Application of the Arts of Drawing and Modelling.

40 Burrett, R., Wellington.—Specimens of engraved work.

41 Colenso, W., F.L.S., Napier.—Ancient Asiatic bell (cast of); plate of do., framed and glazed.

42 Duncan, A., Queen Charlotte Sound.—Bronze medal struck in commemoration of Captain Cook leaving England, 1772.

43 Graham. R., Wai Wera, Auckland.—Carved Maori bowl.

44 Halcombe, Mrs. E.. Fielding. Wellington.—Lithographs of the Manchester Block, Fielding, by the exhibitor.

45 Hume, J., Dunedin.—Walking-stick, carved from New Zealand wood—mika mika.

46 Johnston, W. G., Hokitika.—'Two scenes and two artistic designs, arranged with ferns, mosses, and lichens.

47 Lyon & Blair, Wellington.—Specimens of engraving.

48 Mackay, H.. Waihola. Dunedin.—Penknife carving of ox-horn, fan handle, and cocoanut casket.

49 M'Duff, J., Wellington.—Heraldry painting.

50 Proprietors of the "Lyttelton Times," Christchurch.—.Specimens of engraving.

51 Proprietors of the "Lyttelton Times," Christchurch.—Specimens of lithography.

52 stodart, Mrs. J., Auckland.—Copies of flowers grown in exhibitor's garden, modelled in rice-paper.

53 Surveyor-General of New Zealand, Wellington.—Specimens of lithographs, by the Survey Department.

54 Trevithick, F., Wanganui.—Dog and bird carved on burnt kauri.

55 Wilson, W., Wanganui.—Dog's head, carved on burnt oak.

Class 13.—Musical Instruments.

56 Falconer, W. S., Blenheim.—Violin and case, of New Zealand wood.

57 Simpson, A., Southland.—Set of bagpipes, made of native material.

Class 14.—Medicine, Hygiene, and Public Relief.

58 Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.—Washstands, ready fitted for attaching supply and waste pipes.

59 Packer, J. A., Nelson.—Artificial leg, with movable joints at knee, ankle, and toes.

Class 15.—Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments.

60 Burt, A. & T., Dunedin.—Set of copper spirit measures.

61 Stowe, L., Wellington.—Original models of Stowe's calculating-machine, patented.

Class 16.—Maps, and Geographical and Cosmo-graphical Apparatus.

62 Ayers. A., Christchurch.—Two views of Christchurch, with statistical information about Canterbury.

63 Deverell, W., Invercargill.—Specimens of survey drafting, bound in book form.

64 Hector, J., M.D., C.M.G., F.R.S.—Geological maps of New Zealand, together with plans and sections.

65 Mueller, G., Chief Surveyor, Hokitika.—Map of Westland, showing position of valuable minerals discovered between 1864 and 1880.

66 Miller, M. R., Napier.—Annual Stock and Station Report, containing statistics showing progress of Hawke's Bay Province.

67 O'Neill, C., C.E., Wellington.—Plan of the city of Wellington, prepared from official documents.

68 Spreat, W. W. J., Wellington.—Litho map of Otago, by the exhibitor.

69 Sydenham Borough Council, Canterbury.—Chart of statistics and views of buildings in the borough.