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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

IV. Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories

IV. Textile Fabrics, Clothing, and Accessories.

Class 31.—Thread and Fabrics of Flax, Hemp, &c.

139 M'Tavish, Miss, Thames.—Specimens of needlework from New Zealand flax.

140 Nattrass, L., Nelson.—Bag, made of New Zealand flax.

141 Potts, E., Governor's Bay, Christchurch.—Tablecovers, fringe, Ac.

Class 33.—Woollen Yarn and Fabrics.

142 Braithwaite, A., Hutt, Wellington.—Yam, homespun (made by a station hand).

143 Mosgiel Woollen Factory Co. Limited, Dunedin.—Tweeds, travelling-rugs, blankets,

Class 34.—Silk and Silk Fabrics.

144 Dignan, R., Auckland.—Silk.

145 Gibbons, S., Wanganui.—Silk.

146 Graham, R. E., Auckland.—Silk, the produce of 1000 silkworms reared in Auckland.

Class 36.—Lace, Net, Embroidery, and Trimmings.

147 Beeby, Mrs., Queenstown, Otago.—Knitted counterpane.

148 Binns, Mrs. George, Dunedin.—Imitation old point lace.

149 Jones, Mary Frances Elizabeth, Nelson.—Point face.

150 Logan, Miss Jessie Richard, Dunedin.—Lace-work, consisting of two handkerchiefs and fan.

151 Wilson, Miss Anna, Dunedin.—Specimen of English modern point lace.

Class 37.—Hosiery and Underclothing, and Accessories of Clothing.

152 Black, Mrs. M. A., Wellington.—Hosiery, football suits, and fancy goods.

153 Greenshields, W., Brace Maker, Auckland.—Orné silk braces, belts, and kneelets.

154 Henry, Miss Mary, Nelson.—Woollen scarf, spun and knitted by hand from wool grown in Nelson district.

155 Mosgiel Woollen Factory Co. Limited, Dunedin.—Hosiery.

156 Rother, L., Dunedin.—Specimens of Dunedin manufactured socks, stockings, pants, shirts, football suits—all of New Zealand wool.

157 Sim, Mrs. Janet, Dunedin.—Hosiery, &c.

Class 38.—Clothing for both Sexes.

158 Almao. V., Dunedin.—Hats, manufactured by the exhibitor.

159 Becker, J. G., Napier.—Two Maori mats.

160 Balharry, D., Napier.—Kiwi mat.

161 Bertinshaw, G., Furrier and Felt Hatter, Dunedin.—Felt hats, made from rabbits' fur.

162 Harris, W., Christchurch.—Boots and shoes.

163 Lightband, Allan & Co., Christchurch.—Boots and shoes, locally manufactured on the "Factory System."

164 Marriott, Mrs. Thomas, Wellington.—Bonnet, made from lace-bark from a New Zealand tree.

165 Munden, J., Dunedin.—Boots and shoes.

166 Nicholls, W., & Son, Christchurch.—Boots and shoes.

167 O'Connell, Mrs. Joanna, Auckland.—Limerick lace; baby's robe, worked by hand by the exhibitor.

Class 39.—Jewellery and Precious Stones.

168 Cogan, J., Naseby, Otago.—Chain and pin, made chiefly of gold found at Maniatoto.

169 Williams & Son, Picton.—Pearl (black), found by a Maori in a mussel.

Class 41.—Travelling Apparatus and Camp Equipage.

170 Harris. J.. Dunedin.—Portmanteaus.