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William Mein Smith
7 September 17993 January 1869

Also known as: Kapene Mete.

Surveyor, artist, runholder.

Fig. 14—Britannia (Pito-one) 1840, from a sketch drawn by Capt. W. Mein-Smith, R.A., taken from the Korokoro Hill. Tents and Houses are on the Beach, and Emigrant Ships near Somes Island Fig. 288.—Captain W. Mein-Smith, R.N., first Surveyor-General to the New Zealand Company, 1839. Photographed by Mr. P. Shankland, from an oil painting in Miss Wolters' possession. (Captain Smith was Miss Wolters' great-grandfather.) Fig. 30—Plan of the Town of Wellington in 1840. Surveyed by Capt. W. Mein-Smith, N.Z., 1st Surveyor-general to the N.Z. Company, and drawn by William Bannister, Surveyor. The figures above the section numbers denote the order of choice at the Ballot in England in 1839


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