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18 Battalion Headquarters in the escarpment below Belhamed 18 Bn's Advance to Belhamed — 24–26 November 1941 18 Bn at Belhamed 4 ADS near Belhamed, November 1941 4th Field RHQ near Belhamed. Major D. A. Carty in foreground 4th Field Signals Office near Belhamed 5 and 6 Platoons' alternative positions at Belhamed A blazing Signals truck on Belhamed. The crouching figure in the foregroundshows that the enemy is close Battalion Headquarters on Belhamed, Lt-Col Peart with microphone Belhamed—18 Battalion advances on the German pocket Belhamed and Zaafran, 1 December 1941 black and white photograph of soldiers standing near truck German prisoners at Belhamed German prisoners hurrying for cover on Belhamed on 26 November. Their escort is out of sight to the left Guns of 4 Field Regiment prepare for anti-tank action after Belhamed is lost. In the background is a captured German field gun Monstrous 210s shell Belhamed Section post, Belhamed Smoke over Belhamed, 1 December. A 6 Field Regiment gun is about to withdraw. Enemy infantry are closing in from the left The 4th Field looks towards Belhamed, with 6th Field pick-up in foreground The few surviving 6th Field guns prepare to withdraw from Belhamed


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