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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Medical Arrangements of 2 NZ Division for the Advance

Medical Arrangements of 2 NZ Division for the Advance

Following the GOC's conference on the afternoon of 3 November, ADMS 2 NZ Division made medical arrangements for the coming breakthrough and advance. Both 5 MDS and 166 MDS were to close at midday on 4 November but 166 MDS would reopen on the site of 6 ADS. A section from 4 Field Ambulance was to move up to 5 MDS and nurse severe post-operative cases until they were well enough to move to a CCS. Sixth Field Ambulance was to move forward to the site of 6 ADS and be ready to move through with the Division as an open MDS. The wireless truck and 2 NZ Surgical page 403 Team were attached to 6 Field Ambulance, which laid in a supply of blood and liquid plasma. The Field Transfusion Unit was to move forward with 5 MDS. Both 5 and 6 ADSs closed on the morning of 4 November and moved 3 miles westwards to join their respective brigades, and the other medical arrangements were completed by midday.