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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Signal Communication

Signal Communication

The armoured divisions all had a complete chain of wireless links. In each division each field ambulance was in direct communication with its ADMS and each ADMS in direct communication with DDMS 10 Corps.

The 2nd NZ Division, as an infantry division, had no such wireless contact on establishment, 166 Light Field Ambulance of 9 Armoured Brigade, under the Division's command, having the only wireless link in our medical layout.

DDMS 10 Corps made great efforts on our behalf to secure such necessary communication, which was necessary in view of the fact that 2 NZ Division was to move forward in a mobile role under 10 Corps as soon as a breakthrough occurred. Ultimately, the best that could be arranged was the supply of one extra set to be attached to one of the New Zealand field ambulances. This set, and that of 166 Light Field Ambulance, was on a link to ADOS set at Rear HQ 2 NZ Division. In addition, it was arranged that ADMS would use the ‘Q’ link from Rear to Main HQ 2 NZ Division. This arrangement was a great help, but it was not expected to be satisfactory when the mobile phase arrived, as using two such overloaded sets as ADOS and Q would not permit of sufficiently urgent results, and the impossibility of direct contact between DDMS Corps and ADMS Division was a serious one.