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A Beaufighter attack on a supply train near Kanbalu, Burma A trestle bridge on the Burma-Thailand Railway Black and white graph showing tonnage of air supplies flown in to Burma Ground crew of a Spitfire squadron in Burma erect a workshop during a minor monsoon Hurri-bombers in Burma. Pilots are briefed before take-off Indian troops in Burma prepare to board a troop-carrier RAF pilots off duty in Burma Sergeant Bargh beside a shot-down Japanese aircraft at Mingaladon, Burma THE FIRST CHINDIT EXPEDITION, FEBRUARY – JUNE 1943 THE JAPANESE ADVANCE THROUGH BURMA, JANUARY – MAY 1942 The Kwei Noi River, seen from a north-bound train, Thailand, in October 1945. This is country traversed by the Burma-Thailand Railway THE RECONQUEST OF BURMA, NOVEMBER 1944 – May 1945 THE SECOND CHINDIT EXPEDITION, MARCH 1944, AND THE CAPTURE OF MYITKYINA The ‘Tree Tops’ Club – an RAF control tower in central Burma ‘accommodation found’ — —from British Battalion (Sumatra) Diary, a sketch by E. Burgoyne on the Burma-Thailand Railway


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