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[From the col'ection of Sergt. C. B. Gibbs, N.Z.A.O.D. Badges of Infantry Regiments That Served at Samoa and Gallipoli. — 1st Canterbury Regiment. — 6th Hauraki Regiment. — 11th Taranaki Riffes Regiment. — 16the Waikato Regiment.2nd South Canterbury Regiment. — 7th Wellington West Coast Regiment — 12th Nelson Regiment. — 17th Ruahine Regiment.3rd Auckland Regiment. — 8th Southland Regiment. — 13th North Canterbury and Westland Regiment. — N.Z. Maori Contingent.4th Otago Regiment. — 9th Hawkes B… [From the collection of Sergt. C. B. Gibbs, N.Z.A.O.D. — Badges of New Zealand Mounted Rifles and Divisional Units That Served at Samoa and Gallipoli. — 1st Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry M.R. — 6th Manawatu M.R. — 11th North Auckland M.R. — Railway Battalions, N.Z.E.2nd Wellington West Coast M.R. — 7th Southland M.R. — 12th Otago M.R. — Post and Telegraph Corps, N.Z.E.3rd Auckland M.R. — N.Z. Army Nursing Service. — 8th South Canterbury M.R. — N.Z. Field Artillery — N.Z. Staff Corps. — N.Z. Perma… [Lent by Capt. Boxer, N.Z.M.O. — On the Top of the Great Pyramid. — This New Zealand officer, the two Australians, the Ghurkha officer and the two Ghurkhas are typical of the men who in August 1915, reached the highest points on the Gallipoli Peninsula—the New Zealanders on Chunuk Bair; the Australians on Abdel Rahman Bair; the Ghurkhas on Hill Q [Lent by Capt. Farr, D.S.O., M.C. — A Gun of the 3rd Battery, N.Z.F.A. at Cape Helles.. — After our experience of cover in France, the sheet on galvanized iron and row of sandbags is almost ludicrous. Notice the typical Gallipoli hair-cut and the absence of many garments [Lent by F. W. Randall — An Impressive Sunday Service on the “Athenic.” — The padre is the Rev. Canon Taylor, C.F., a frail man with an enthusiasm for serving his fellows. He served through the Gallipoli Campaign, and at Sarpi Rest Camp was tireless in his efforts to rejuvenate the listless survivors from Anzac [Photo by the Author — Divisional Head-Quarters. — Showing Head-quarters cars and signallers on the old Suez Road. The officer in the foreground is Lt. Col. G. R. Pridham, D.S.O., R.E., the talented C.R.E. of the Division in Gallipoli and France General Chaytor, at Malta, after being wounded at Gallipoli, 1915. — [Photo by Captain Tahiwi Kaponga Co-op Dairy Co, Rowan factory staff, 1910 or 1911. George Dempsey, on the left, — was killed at Gallipoli in 1915 Lieut.-Colonel Conrad G. Saxby, D.S.O. — Served on Gallipoli and in France, 1915-1918 Appointed to the Command of the Pioneer Battalion in August, 1917. Died of influenza just after the signing of the Armistice Lieut.-Colonel G. A. King, D.S.O. and bar, and Croix de Guerre. — The D.S.O. was awarded for distinguished services on Gallipoli. Lieut.-Col. King, when Captain, was appointed to the command of the Pioneer Battalion in France in 1916; was several times mentioned in despatches, and after the Battle of Messines was decorated by General Anthone with the Croix de Guerre. Killed in Action, October 11th, 1917 Lieut.-Colonel Wm. O. Ennis, D.S.O. — Served as Captain with the First Maori Contingent, Gallipoli, 1915; Major Pioneer Battalion, Western Front, 1916-1918. Commanded the Battalion, November 1918 till the return to New Zealand. Staff Superintendent, New Zealand Railway Department. Accidentally killed at Auckland, February, 1926, aged 55 years Major Peter H. Buck (Te Rangihiroa), D.S.O., M.D. — Served with the First Maori Contingent, Gallipoli, 1915; Pioneer Battalion, Western Front, 1916-1918; New Zealand Medical Staff, 1918 Map of Gallipoli and Surrounding Islands. — From Bulair to Cape Helles is about 50 miles; from Anzac to Kephalos 15 miles; from Anzac to Helles 14 miles Map of Gallipoli Peninsula. — Illustrating the projected landings at Cape Helles, Gaba Tepe, and Kum Kale No. 1 Outpost Dressing Station, Anzac, Gallipoli. — Medical Officer removing a bullet from a Maori's arm One of the Wounded: Private Kainga, Anzac, Gallipoli, August, 1915. — [photo by Major Buck Rev. Henare Wepiha Te Wainohu. Chaplain, Maori Battalion. — Served on Gallipoli and in France. Died in New Zealand, 1924 The Battlefield of August, 1915. — Scene near Walker's Ridge, Anzac, Gallipoli, during the battle of Sari Bair Shell bursting over the ridge on the right. This photo was taken from the Maori Camp Turkish Prisoners captured on the Canal. — This picture, which shows the physique of the Turk, was taken by Lieut. A. E. Forsythe, (12th Nelsons) who was killed on Gallipoli


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