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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Work at the Battle MDS

Work at the Battle MDS

At Atessa from 20 November to 31 December (mostly prior to 14 December) 4 MDS admitted 751 patients, whose wounds totalled 1116. There were 198 major operations performed, including 43 by 1 General Hospital surgical team (Major A. W. Douglas), while 186 patients were given transfusions. At the MDS there were thirty deaths, principally among abdominal cases.

At Castelfrentano from 14 to 31 December 6 MDS admitted 591 battle casualties, of whom 449 were New Zealanders and the remainder mainly British or prisoners. There were 178 major operations performed, including 37 by 1 General Hospital surgical team and 46 by 127 Paratroop Field Ambulance surgical team. From 1 to 7 January 66 battle casualties were admitted, of whom 48 were New Zealanders.

From 7 to 20 January at Castelfrentano 5 MDS admitted 152 battle casualties, of whom 63 were New Zealanders. The New Zealand Division was withdrawn from the line before the end of page 513 this period. During the first two months of active operations in Italy the New Zealand casualties were: killed 399; wounded 1116; prisoners of war 100. There were also 1259 cases of sickness evacuated from the Division.