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The Spike: or, Victoria University College Review, June 1924

The Hair Question Again

The Hair Question Again.

Dear "Spike,"—What have we done to deserve this? Is V.U.C. a University or a Kindergarten? Have the numerous girls' schools of Wellington decided to absorb the University, and have we fallen to the level of a mere extra form in Miss Baber's excellent Diocesan School for the daughters of Pious Gentlefolk, or what? Is this another symptom of the universal unrest consequent on the Great World War? Is it the harbinger of another Bloody Revolution? Or has some fair Debussyite decided to do homage to the master in the semblance of La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin?

Excuse my French, dear "Spike," as our good friend C.Q.P. would say at a moment of heightened emotion like this. What I am referring to is the fact that not one only, but several—how am I to describe them?—women of immature years have positively been seen, observed, and accurately noted to walk the hallowed halls and corridors of V.U.C. with their hair down! Oh," Spike!" blush for human depravity! weep for the brazen effrontery of our little sisters! shudder at the abysm down which., horribile dictu! frail femininity has tottered and incontinently fallen!

What is there to say, O "Spike"? The horrid fact is out. Mayhap by the time these lines appear Decency will have already prevailed; even now Duty," stern daughter of the voice of God" (Wordsworth), may have stepped in; this very night, if heaven so wills, these eyes may gaze upon the semblance, if not the reality, of Women walking under the eye of Mr. J. S. Brook; honour, even now, may be satisfied. Else, what to do but imitate the noble Japanese, and, with due ceremony, having offered prayers and oblations to Minerva and Apollo, austere partner of learning and the arts, and to the nine gracious Muses of Parnassus; having purified the heart and washed the hands, commit hari-kiri in the middle of the hall between the hours of five and eight? So a nation makes tribute to Bushido. Shall a Seat of Learning do less?—I am, etc.,

Sorrowing Graduate.

P.S.—If they don't like to put it up, why not bob it?