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John Cawte Beaglehole
13 June 190110 October 1971

Historian, lecturer, writer, typographer, critic, university professor.

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26 August 1926. John is seen off by his father as he sails for Sydney on the Maheno A black and white diagram of the extended family tree of J.C. Beaglehole A sketched portrait of J.C. Beaglehole by Evelyn Page Elsie and John are met at Government House, Wellington, by Captain J.N.McT. Thomson-Moore, for the conferment of the Order of Merit, 21 March 1970. Photograph by Evening Post Elsie and John at Kealakekua Bay, 1962 Graduation, Town Hall, 1947, J.C. Beaglehole at the organ. ATL PA Coll 4877 J.C. Beaglehole addresses the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs at the college, August 1954. NPS collection, ATL F33982 1/2 John, 1929 John, in the early 1960s John, painted by his uncle, George Butler, July 1929 John and Elsie (left) with Airini Fisher, Muriel Billing, Geoffrey Billing and Alan Fisher, 1930 John and Elsie in Dunedin, 1930 John and Elsie on their wedding day, 17 February 1930 John and Elsie with Ester and Helmut Einhorn, 1962 John and Lorrie Richardson on the road to Canterbury, 5 June 1927 John and Raymond McGrath John at Cook's Cove, Tolaga Bay, selecting a place for a Historic Places Trust plaque, November 1965 John at Neustadt in the Black Forest, July 1927 John boiling the billy with his grandson John, Abel Tasman National Park, January 1970 John Cawte Beaglehole. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, NZ, S. P. Andrew Collection, PAColl-3739, F-18598-1/1 John in his study, 1949. Photograph by Greig Royle John wearing his Victoria College blazer, on board the Osterley John with curls John with Ormond Wilson on a Historic Places Trust field trip, 1960s Keith and John Peter Jacoby, John, Ilse Jacoby and Marie Vandewart in the Orongorongo valley, early 1940s Portrait of John by W.A. Sutton, commissioned by Victoria University to mark the award to him of the Order of Merit Sketch diagram of J. C. Beaglehole's cabin position on R.M.S. Osterley Sketch diagram of John Cawte Beaglehole protecting himself from the wind Sketch plan of John Cawte Beaglehole's room at Brunswick Square The Beaglehole boys: Keith, Geoffrey, John, Ernest, about 1913 The frontispiece and title page of J. C. Beaglehole's The Discovery of New Zealand. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, NZ, C-27763-1/2, C-27764-1/2 The gang of cousins. Back row: John, Dick Osborne, Keith, Sandy Paterson, Tony Osborne, Ernest, Harry Osborne. Front row: Stephen Osborne, Christy Paterson, Alan Paterson, Geoffrey, Ralph Jackson, Jim Osborne Top line: Professors Robertson, Florance, Gordon. Centre: Sir T.A. Hunter. Bottom line: Dr J.C. Beaglehole, Professor Wood, Mr Page. Cappicade, 1948 Tramping at Mount Matthews, 1924. John(sixth from left), Averil Lysaght (eighth), Elsie(ninth), Boyd Wilson (boiling the billy) Wedding group. Back row: Charlie Holmes, Ern Beaglehole, Elsie, Robert Holmes, Mary Holmes, Peter Holmes, Edith Holmes, Peter's wife Norah, John. Front row: Keith Beaglehole, Marjorie Wiren, Charlie's wife Norah


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