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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

The Old Testament

The Old Testament

is filled with anathemas, and with curses, and with words of revenge, and jealousy, and hatred, and meanness, and brutality.

Have I read enough to show that what I said is so? I think I have. I wish I had time to read to you further of what the dear old fathers of the church said about woman. I will read you a little.

St. Augustine in his 22nd book says: "A woman ought to serve her husband as unto God, affirming that woman ought to be braced and bridled betimes, if she aspire to any dominion, alleging that dangerous and perilous is it to suffer her to precede, although it be in temporal and corporeal things. How can woman be in the image of God, seeing she is subject to man, and hath no authority to teach, neither to be a witness, neither to judge, much less tu rule or bear the rod of empire."

Oh, he is a good one. These are the very words of Augustine. Let me read some more "Woman shall be subject unto man as unto Christ." That is St. Augustine and this sentence of Augustine ought to be noted of all women, for in it he plainly affirms that women are all the more subject to man. And now St. Ambrose, he is a good boy. "Adam was decieved by Eve, and not Eve—called page 23 Heva—and not Heva by Adam, and therefore just it is that woman receive and acknowledge him for governor whom she called sin, lest that again she slip and fall with womanly facility." Don't you see that woman has sinned once and man never? If you give woman an opportunity she will sin again, whereas if you give it to man who never, never, never betrayed his trust in the world, nothing bad can happen. "Let women be subject to their own husbands as unto the Lord, for man is the head of woman, and Christ is the head of the congregation." They are all real good men, all of them "It is not permitted to woman to speak, let her bo in silence: as the law said: unto thy husband shidt thou ever be, and ho shall bear dominion over thee."