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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Town Lands for Sale for Cash, by Auction, On Friday, the 17th November, 1893, at 11 A.M

Town Lands for Sale for Cash, by Auction, On Friday, the 17th November, 1893, at 11 A.M.

Section.Block.Area. Upset Price per SeeTOWN OF MACKENZIE.A. R. P.£ S. d. 8 XX. 0 1 415 0 09"0 0 3512 0 012"0 0 2810 0 013"0 0 2112 0 014"0 0 2110 0 01XXI.0 1 915 0 03"0 0 2425 0 01 XXII.0 1 012 0 03"0 1 012 0 06"0 1 07 10 07"0 1 015 0 010 "0 1 07 10 0

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Wart Hill Country from the Gower.

Wart Hill Country from the Gower.

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The Seaward Range.

The Seaward Range.

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Image of the countryside

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TOWN LANDS FOR SALE FOR CASH, BY AUCTION—continued. Section. Block. Area. Upset Price per Section, TOWN OF MACKENZIE—continued. 11 14 15 17 10 14 16 18 19 1 3 4 C 7 10 11 14 15 16 18 20 A. n.p.£ s. d.XXII.0 1015 0 0"0 107 10 0"0 1015 0 0"0 107 10 0"0 107 10 0XXIV.0 1010 0 0"0 1030 0 0"0 1012 0 0"0 1012 0 0XXV.0 10 30 0 0"0 1012 0 0"0 1012 0 0"0 1015 0 0"0 107 10 0"0 1015 0 0"0 107 10 0"0 1015 0 0"0 107 10 0"0 1020 0 0"0 1010 0 0 "0 1010 0 0

Terms of Sale.

1. Each purchaser of rural laud must make the following declaration:—

I,____of____,____, do solemnly and sincerely declare—

(1.) That 1 am purchasing Section____, Block____, Survey District, solely for my own use and benefit, and not directly or indirectly for the use or benefit of any other person or persons whomsoever.

(2.) That, including the land now applied for, I am not the holder, directly or indirectly, either by myself or jointly with any other person, of any land anywhere in the colony exceeding in the whole 640 acres of first-class land.

(3.) That I am purchasing the said land subject to the provisions of "The Cheviot Estate Disposition Act, 1893," and "The Land Act. 1882."

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to he true, and by virtue of an Act of the General Assembly of New Zealand intituled "The Justices of the Peace Act, 1882."


Declared at____, this____day of____, 189____, before me,____a Justice of the Peace in and for the Colony of New Zealand.

2. In the case of town lands, one-fifth of the purchase-money must be paid on the fall of the hammer, and the balance, with Crown-grant fee,

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£1, within thirty days thereafter, otherwise the part of the [unclear: purchase] money paid by way of deposit will be forfeited, and the contraction for [unclear: the] sale of the land be null and void.

3. In the case of rural lands, one-fourth of the purchase-money [unclear: must] be paid on the fall of the hammer, and the balance, with Crown-grant [unclear: few] £1, within thirty days thereafter; or, at the option of the applicant, to [unclear: be] declared in writing at the close of the auction, one-fourth part of the [unclear: pur-]chase-money may be paid in cash on the fall of the hammer, one-[unclear: fourth] part thereof within thirty days next after the date of sale, and one-half [unclear: part] thereof together with Crown-grant fee (£1) in five years from the [unclear: date] sale, such part to bear interest at the rate of £5 per centum per annum [unclear: und] payment, such interest to be paid by the purchaser at the expiration [unclear: of] every half-year following the date of sale.

No certificate of title shall issue to any purchaser for cash until [unclear: for] payment of his purchase-money, interest (if any), and fees, and in case [unclear: as] purchaser shall make default in payment of such purchase-money [unclear: to] interest or any part thereof respectively for a period of sixty days after [unclear: this] same has become due, as the case may be, the Minister may cause [unclear: possision] of such land and of all improvements thereon to be recovered on [unclear: be] half of the Crown, as provided by "The Land Act, 1892," and [unclear: thereafter] may sell or dispose of such land and improvements by public auction [unclear: on] such terms and conditions as he thinks fit, and either for cash or part for cash and [unclear: partly] upon like terms as the same was originally [unclear: sold.] the original purchaser has paid any part of the purchase-money [unclear: before] default the Minister may repay the same to such purchaser with the [unclear: value] of any improvements made on the land, or such part of such [unclear: purchase] money or value as the Minister thinks fit, and less any loss [unclear: occasioned] the Crown by such resale, together with the costs and expenses the [unclear: Crown] may have been put to in recovering possession and reselling such land.