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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Cheviot House Block

Cheviot House Block.

The block proposed to be disposed of along with the [unclear: Mansion] House consists of about 5,000 acres. Of this area, about 1,800 [unclear: acre] are situated to the north of the Jed, on the south-western faces [unclear: of] the Seaward Range Block, and to within about 30 chains of [unclear: the] sea. The remaining 3,200 acres comprise that portion of the [unclear: Post] Hills Block situated east of the Huruni Main Road, and is [unclear: bounds] on the north by the Jed Stream, and on the east and south by [unclear: go] fencing lines across the Buxton Stream and along the [unclear: Hurui] watershed. The block of 5,000 acres includes the whole of [unclear: the] Mansion House grounds, Pine Walk, Horse Paddock, Cow [unclear: Pastu] Walnut Paddock, Rickfield, Colt Paddock, eastern part of [unclear: South] Deer Park, and the flats and slopes along the Hurunui—[unclear: Homeste] Road. The plantations comprise about 117 acres. The area of [unclear: culther] vated land is about 500 acres, situated near the mansion, and [unclear: alone] the Jed and Hurunui Roads. The western part of the block [unclear: cosil] of flats and downs, and the eastern part of easy slopes, with a [unclear: few]

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Slip Engine House and Store.

Slip Engine House and Store.

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Sheep Sale at Cheviot.

Sheep Sale at Cheviot.

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broken gullies at the head of the Buxton. The Seaward Range portion consists of bold flat-topped spurs with generally even faces, intersected by a few deep gullies. The soil throughout is generally good, varying from fair to superior quality; and, with the exception of some scrub and fern faces on the south side of the hills along the Jed and Buxton, the whole is covered with good Native pasture with an admixture of cultivated grasses and clover. The southern part of the block is already partly surrounded and subdivided by good fences.

The block is compact, well situated with reference to the Port and the proposed township. It is intersected by one main road and bounded by another. It is immediately available for grazing and fanning, and is readily capable of subdivision and cultivation in small areas.

Within this area are situated the Mansion House, stables, manager's house, Marchlaw (the men's quarters), and fourteen other houses and buildings. The mansion, which contains about forty rooms stands on massive stone and concrete foundations. It is built of totara and kauri of extra strength, the studs being placed only twelve inches apart in floors, walls and roof, and strongly braced throughout. The structure was faithfully built under special supervision: and no expense was spared to render it comfortable, strong, and durable. It is roofed with slate, is fitted with every con venieuce, and has a water-supply from the hills. To erect this building in the style in which it exists would cost at least £7,000 at the present time.

The whole of the buildings are insured for a total sum of £9, 875.

The plantations which surround the mansion possess a present and future value, which from a practical and aesthetical point of view-it is very difficult to estimate.

The lawns and gardens were laid out under the supervision of a professional gardener, who, with an efficient staff, has been engaged for years in bringing them to their present state of cultivation. The upset price of the 5,000 acres, including the buildings and fencing has been fixed at £25,000, which is considerably under the valuation made by two competent valuers, as the Government does not expect lull value for the buildings. Terms of payment: Cash, or one-half cash and balance within five years, at 5 per cent. interest.

Last year over 3,000 bales of wool were shipped from the Cheviot Estate, of which this forms a portion.

The block of 5,000 acres as a whole will be first offered on the 17th November, and in case of no sale, then the portion south of the page 34 Jed River will be offered for sale in sections on the following day, [unclear: of] the same terms.

Possession of that part of the block north of the Jed will [unclear: not] given until 18th March, 1894.